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Dayseeker Announce "Replica" Acoustic Album

Updated: May 6

Shortly after the release of their newly reimagined song "Burial Plot", featuring Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, Dayseeker announced the release of an acoustic rendition of their album Replica. Listen to Burial Plot here:

'Burial Plot (Acoustic)' is our third rendition that's officially been released so we knew we had to make it special and interesting for our fans. Caleb Shomo absolutely helped transform this song and it's one of our favorites. Replica is one of our favorite releases to date. It completely shows a new side to our band and the kind of music we're capable of creating. I felt like we let people down, but I had so many friends say, 'Everyone will remember the day your equipment stopped working and you still played the set as a really special moment.' It felt natural for our songs. We usually will do extra tracks for a Deluxe version or re-release, but we decided to commit to an entire acoustic album this time. - Rory Rodriguez (vocals)


 "Sleeptalk" (Acoustic)

"Without Me" (Feat. Amber DeLaRosa) (Acoustic)

"Neon Grave" (Acoustic)

"Starving To Be Empty" (Feat. Lucas Woodland) (Acoustic)

"Homesick" (Acoustic)

"Crying While You're Dancing" (Acoustic)

"Burial Plot" (Feat. Caleb Shomo) (Acoustic)

"Drunk" (Acoustic)

"Afterglow" (Acoustic)

"My Immortal" (Acoustic)

Dayseeker is comprised of voccalist Rory Rodriguez, guitarist Gino Sgambelluri, bassist Ramone Valerio, and percussionist Zac Mayfielf. They originated in Southern California in 2012 and have since gained a mass following. With over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify the band is well on their way to conquering the post hardcore scene.


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