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Days Of Summer - Tampa - 2024

          Days Of Summer - Tampa - 2024

Every year, between the months of June and July, Orlando’s very own promotion company, 152 Productions, hosts two local festivals called Days of Summer Tampa and Orlando. Bands from the entire state of Florida all come together to celebrate the return of summer weather with drinks, flipflops, and Hawaiian shirts on deck.


Days of Summer Back History

152 Productions did their first Days of Summer bash in 2022 at The Haven Orlando, now known as The Conduit, a popular venue for local artists. Roughly 45 people were in attendance that year, plus the band members and employees of the venue. Shelby Short, owner and founder of 152 Productions, came up with the idea for Days of Summer because he “used to do all day festival style shows back in Atlanta and wanted to carry on that idea and style event.” During our interview he went on to say, “I had been wanting to do more themed events since I design for Universal, I wanted to bring some of that immersiveness into shows. When I designed stage set ups for Issues, I always used to try to find ways for our production to make the venue feel different than it normally did, to make it feel special. I wanted to use the summer feel to bring all the local artists together as a community building event;” And he has succeeded tremendously. With tons of social media promotions and hard work, this year the 3-day festival at the Orpheum in Tampa brought in 400+ attendees! If you missed the Tampa shows and this sounds like your kind of event, Days of Summer part 2 is happening in Orlando July 19-21 at The Conduit. Click the link below for tickets and check below for the venue’s address.





6700 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792


Traveling For the Show

The most exciting thing about this festival every year is that bands from all over Florida, and even some from out of state, travel to attend and play their music for the Tampa community. In the next few paragraphs, we will be introducing you to several bands that packed up their gear, loaded the vans, and left the comfort of their homes behind in order to be a part of all the chaos and rock the bay.


Thirst is a hardcore metal band from West Palm Beach Florida founded in 2020. This was the second year that they participated in Days of Summer. “It’s always a fun time” says 40-year-old lead vocalist, Natasha Rogers, “We get to tear it up with all of our friends in other amazing Florida bands.” During our interview, Natasha spoke highly of the ambience surrounding the festival stating it is a “killer weekend surrounded by the best people and immaculate vibes”. Their most streamed songs currently include “Banger Tuesday” and “Cold Killer.” Both can be found on all music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Instagram: THIRST_FL

Fatal Frames

Next, we have Fatal Frames. Fatal Frames is known around the Tampa and Orlando areas for their hardcore music with deathcore/metalcore elements. Rooted in Pine Hills, Orlando, they were originally founded in 2021 and continue to increase in popularity with their hit song 10 Toes Down that released in March of 2024. When Days of Summer 2024 was brought up, 23-year-old Lead Vocalist Mathew Siebert said, “It feels great to travel. We play all over the state and each city is always amazing, meeting new people and standing on a different stage with different lineups. Tampa always shows love. And being a part of the Days of Summer, for us, is an honor.” To listen to 10 Toes Down, just type it into the search bar followed by Fatal Frames wherever you get your music.

Instagram: @fatalframes

Were Wolves

Following Fatal Frames, we have Were Wolves. Were Wolves is an extremely popular rock band from West Palm Beach who was founded back in 2016 by now 38-year-old lead vocalist AJ Diaferio. The name, AJ Stated, is a hybrid of his love for An American Werewolf in London and Teen Wolf. “The juxtaposition between nightmarishly scary and party animal always fascinated me after seeing those two films at a very young age.” During Days of Summer, Were Wolves played their newest hit single "Darkest Hour" which is currently sitting at over 400,000 streams on Spotify and it had an overwhelming live reaction from the crowd. “The interaction with the audience and seeing them have a great time while entertaining them” is always the best part according to AJ and the band. So, if you ever get the chance to see them live, make sure you bring the energy.

Instagram: @werewolves_fl

Burial Joy

Now, Burial Joy is a bit of a newer name in the scene. Located in Orlando, the band was founded in early 2023 but made their first public appearance in 2024. Burial Joy's post-emo genre appeals to the community with its modern feel and emo style lyrical formats; slowly gaining a decent sized following in a short period of time. Their song Prospect has gained 3,000+ plays on Spotify and increases daily due to their promotions on social media and unique sound. Days of Summer really produced a great turn out for Burial Joy and after speaking with them, they said they couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of the set. To help this band directly and purchase Burial Joy’s music, you can check out their bandcamp page linked below.

Instagram: @burialjoy

Promo Shot by Juniper Morantes

Burial Joy bandcamp link:


 Spiritual Chaos

And last but not least we have, Spiritual Chaos. Founded in May of 2022 with musical influences from 2010 metalcore bands, Spiritual Chaos continues to rise along with their top track "Trauma," which is sitting right at 21,000 streams. Lead vocalist Joshua Frato said “Days of Summer felt like a shift for our band and its traction with the community. People who we don’t know, were excited to see us perform. It feels like we’re living a dream and we’re only scratching the surface.” Josh also stated during our interaction, “the social aspect of it is amazing. You hear all sorts of stories from people and getting to know my peers within the scene has been a truly humbling experience.” We hope to see them back for Days of Summer in 2025!

Instagram: @spiritualchaosfl


And that’s a wrap! Days of Summer is tremendously loved and adored in the community because it brings bands together; creating a great way for bands to network and the community to just have a good time. See you in the pit!


Days of Summer Orlando 2024 Tickets: July 19th-21st


Days of Summer Tampa 2024 Line Up Overviews:

Day 1

Burial Joy

Chasing Airplanes

Spirit Leaves


Fatal Frames

Burn Absolute

Lost Trees



Day 2

Spiritual Chaos

Grasping At The Shadows

Lilith’s Demise

In Gloom

Death of a Deity





Day 3

Moth Bite

Sick Enough

The Real You


Discord Theory


Were Wolves

Peace Cult


152 Productions Website Link:


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