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Dax: The Rap Star Who Tells It Like It Is With 'Narcissist' And Phix


Dax, the rap star who hails from Nigeria and Canada, is back with another song that will make you feel all the things. His new single "Narcissist" featuring Phix is out now on RECORDS / Columbia Records. You can listen to it HERE.

The song has a cool beat and a groovy guitar hook. Dax bares his soul on the verses before facing the reality on the chorus, "The key to your heart opens up a place I'm not safe in." He doesn't mince words; he escapes from "narcissistic bouts of rage, accusations every day, arguments that you create to break the soul inside of me."

Dax says about "Narcissist," "If you don't take the time and necessary steps to heal from what hurt you you'll end up bleeding on people who never cut you. I'm praying this song provides comfort for those who may be experiencing any type of abuse…"

Phix says, "Dax and I really speak from the heart on 'Narcissist'. I remember a few conversations we had when we were on tour together about our past relationships and how they affected us in different ways. I believe that conversation was the catalyst for this song. I think it's important to speak about the traits and toxicities tied to narcissism in a relationship and how it affects the other person. Sometimes we find our lowest lows when looking for love, and 'Narcissist' is about that to a 'T'. What I wrote for the song came so natural, because I have experienced all of what I speak about. Nothing was fabricated. I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share such a powerful message with Dax. This is a song the world needs to hear."

Dax wrapped up 2023 with a bang by releasing a killer version of his hit "To Be a Man" with the legendary Darius Rucker. The song was a huge hit, with millions of streams and views, and it topped the Billboard Country Digital Songs Sales chart, making history as the first black duo to do so. Dax made his US TV debut with a feature on The Today Show.

Dax has been making a splash in the music industry with his own style and voice, plus over 1 billion streams and 1 billion views so far. 2022 was a big year for him with the release of "Dear Alcohol" and he kept the momentum going in 2023 with a JUNO Award nomination for 'Breakout Artist of the Year.'

Dax is ready to rock the music scene in 2024 with more songs to come.

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