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Danny Worsnop Performs At Hooligans Music Hall in North Carolina!

On July 7, 2024, Danny Worsnop performed at Hooligans Music Hall in Jacksonville, North Carolina, with special guests Morgan Hudson, Davy Williamson, and Jericho Rose. The night was so intimate and something I'm not used to at all since I started my photography journey. At first, the venue looked very sketchy and I was a little nervous because I did drive four hours to the event, so I had no idea what this place was like. Once I got inside; I was greeted by the manager and he automatically stated, "Fallon?" and he gave me my photo pass. Very friendly and welcoming! I walked over to the bar and they actually had drinks based on Danny Worsnop's tour as shown below! I got one of the drinks and let me tell you; I felt great the rest of the night! Highly recommend this drink if other bars are doing the same thing on this tour! At first, there weren't a lot of attendees, but I feel like for this type of tour; a small crowd was better because everyone could enjoy the show and not have to worry about other attendees being obnoxious and rowdy. For this event, Danny Worsnop gave me full access which meant I had full reign to do what I needed to do to get the best photos!

Opening the night was Morgan Hudson! I personally never heard of anyone that was on the lineup besides Danny, but Morgan Hudson had such an angelic voice and I instantly became intrigued. Morgan is currently residing in Greenville, North Carolina, and she is a vocalist as well as a guitarist who performs blues rock! Her band is called MoCo meaning Morgan and Company! She's been creating music since 11 years old and at that age she fell in love with playing the guitar and the songwriting process. She uses music as an outlet to express her emotions and to create music that gives voices to the voiceless. Her presence on stage was very soft and genuine. I'm so used to people constantly jumping around on stage that being able to watch someone perform in a static form was different and something I needed. When I heard the sound that came out of her mouth, it honestly felt like my soul needed it. She currently has less than a hundred Spotify listeners, but did release her first song on Spotify on May 21st, 2024, called "Lonely Together!" Make sure you check it out! I swear it will be the best 5 minutes ever spent!

Next up was Davy Williamson and the only thing I have to say about the main vocalist is that he has THAT VOICE! At first, I didn't know what to expect at all, but I was not disappointed in the slightest. I actually put my camera down for most of their set because the vocalist had a voice that kept me so engaged, I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Each member of the band was very eye-catching during the whole set. One of the guys actually looks like one of my close friends, so I had to make sure I got some good photos of them! I would highly recommend listening to Davy. Thank you to Danny for having him perform at the show! Gained a new fan!

Next up was Jericho Rose! And I instantly fell in love with the duo! Hannah and James are from Nashville, Tennessee, and I swear all the talent comes from that state! It seems like I have to move from South Carolina and go to Tennessee finally! They told us they actually met at a bar and instantly clicked and decided to create music together. Not going to lie, that whole story sounds like it would happen in Nashville! Two best friends creating music and spreading love and positivity? Count me in! New fan! Their song "Johnny Cash" was my favorite during their set and they did sing another song about marijuana, I believe, and Hannah stated "I know we have some little ones in here! But this song is about the stuff that I don't know if it's legal here or not, but it's about the BAD STUFF. Bad bad bad!" I would HIGHLY recommend seeing them on this tour because I'm currently trying to diversify my musical horizon and I'm so glad I gave these guys a chance. And James is very kind as well! Spoke to him after their set and I usually don't really talk to anyone because I'm shy, but his whole demeanor was so friendly and genuine!

It was time for Danny Worsnop! I have so much respect for Danny for allowing photographers to do what they have to do to get the best shots at his shows on this tour! I'm so used to seeing Danny perform with Asking Alexandria that I was not ready for what this man's voice sounded like. Maybe I'm so used to heavy vocals that I haven't really noticed that his cleans are top-line. Danny has an amazing voice, but he is very personable as well and speaks to the crowd constantly during each song change. And made eye contact with photographers the whole time. Danny sang songs such as; "I Got Bones," "Best Bad Habit," and "Little Did I Know."

If you want the more intimate version of Worsnop; I suggest you come out to one of the dates, get VIP, and drink some tequila with him; I guarentee you'll have the most memorable night! I will forever be grateful to Danny for giving me this opportunity to not only photograph him but to also listen to other artists who performed that night!

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