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Crafting Harmony: Love Letter’s Journey to ‘Everybody Wants Something Beautiful’

 Love Letter


Amidst the storied echoes of New England’s hardcore heritage, a new anthem rises with the advent of Love Letter, a collective that has metamorphosed from its former identity, Death Of A Nation. The ensemble is a constellation of musical veterans: Andrew Reitz, who commands the drums with precision; Matthew Spence, whose guitar strings weave intricate narratives; Dave Alcan, who anchors the rhythm with his bass; Quinn Murphy, whose voice is a clarion call of raw emotion; and Jay Maas, who not only coaxes melodies from his guitar but also adds depth with his backing vocals. Their first musical narrative, “Everyone Wants Something Beautiful,” is poised to make its mark on June 28, released under the banner of Iodine Recordings. Music aficionados can stake their claim on this anticipated album now.

The band’s lineage is rich with hardcore pedigree, with Murphy’s history in Verse and the foundational contributions of Maas and Reitz in Defeater. Maas’s reputation extends beyond performance; he’s a maestro in the studio, having shaped the sound of bands like Bane, Title Fight, and Counterparts.

Their latest single, “Misanthropic Holiday or Vacation,” is a sonic tapestry that captures the tumultuous dance of the human spirit against the backdrop of societal norms. It’s a composition that swings between defiance and a grudging truce, ultimately reaching an apex of raw, unbridled release that stirs the soul and ignites a fire within.

Murphy delves into the heart of the single, revealing, “‘Misanthropic Holiday or Vacation’ is about the confusing and (at times) humiliating experiences I’ve had navigating my mental health,” shedding light on the odyssey for mental clarity amidst economic and systemic barriers. “I have countless regrets and wake up everyday with a wave of shame washing over me,” he shares, giving voice to the inner turmoil and the arduous journey towards self-acceptance.

Love Letter is not just a band; it’s a beacon in New England’s storied tradition of producing some of the most earnest and compelling voices in hardcore. Their debut is a raw and introspective look at the shadows cast by generational trauma. It’s a commitment to authenticity, a reflection of the bonds formed over two decades of shared musical exploration. Every chord and verse is laden with purpose, narrating a story that resonates with truth and intensity.

At the production helm, Maas brings his two decades of experience from Getaway Recordings to the fore, uniting a cadre of musicians who are not just his favorites but also masters of their craft. “Having produced records for two decades now, I’ve had the chance to work with thousands of artists, I’m grateful that this was my opportunity to pull together some of my favorite people who also happen to be extremely talented musicians,” he reflects with gratitude.

The fusion of Maas, Reitz, Spence, and Alcan’s musicianship with Murphy’s poignant lyricism results in a potent blend of sound that transcends the conventional. Love Letter’s songwriting is liberated, exploring new horizons of heartfelt, emotive, and heavy music. Their live performances are charged with energy, promising an unforgettable experience for fans across the spectrum. “Everyone Wants Something Beautiful” beckons to be part of your collection, with pre-orders now open for those ready to embark on this powerful musical voyage.

 Love Letter


"New Anthemic"

"Wellness Checks and Dead Friends"

"Misanthropic Holiday or Vacation"

"Popular Memes"

"Unhousing Projects"


"Meds & Taxes"

"Debilitating Self Doubt and The Will to Use It"

"Late Stage Harm Reduction"

"Panic Disordinary"

Love Letter:

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