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Condemned Unleash Their New Album 'Daemonium' via Unique Leader Records

Updated: 4 days ago

San Diego-based death metal quintet Condemned has unleashed their new album 'Daemonium" via Unique Leader Records. Leading up to today, the band shared their lead singles "Sigil of Belial" and "Valac" which can be found on the new full-length. Condemned has also been newly added to Tidal's Creeping Death playlist. Stream "Daemoinium" here, and keep your eyes peeled for more Condemned news coming soon.



1. Thee I Invoke

2. Malodorous Astaroth

4. Chants of Merihem

5. Maw of Hellmouth

6. Cursed Revelations of Balam

7. Devils Feast

8. Daimonizomai

9. Infernal Legions of Amon

11. Ydier Nayr Pir

12. The Divine Order of Babylon (Revisited)

Condemned is:

Art Paiz - Bass

Jimmy Montes - Drums

Steve Crow - Guitars

Clayton Meade - Vocals

Daniel Richardson - Guitars


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