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"Complete Collapse (Deluxe)", the New Album by Sleeping With Sirens, Out Everywhere Now!

Updated: Mar 18

Sleeping With Sirens, the renowned pop-punk giants, have just dropped their latest album 'Complete Collapse (Deluxe)' via Sumerian Records on September 29th. The expanded edition of the album includes acoustic versions of some of their most popular tracks like "Let You Down," "Us," and "Be Happy." To mark the release of this album, the band has also released a new single, "Don't Let The Party Die" (produced by Tyler Smyth), with an explosive official music video. Fans can also grab the limited edition merch, so remember to check it out!

"'Don't Let The Party Die' is about our nature as human beings- our greed, our ego, and our inability to stop. It's very much open to interpretation, but I think it's clear that if we continue to just keep the wheel spinning it will cost us dearly. Tyler Smyth is a legend of a producer and really helped bring this song to life! We really hope you love our new single and the deluxe version of 'Complete Collapse'! We really enjoyed this era of Sleeping With Sirens and are super appreciative of you, your love and support!" - shared Kellin Quinn, vocalist for the group.

  1. Tyrants

  2. Complete Collapse

  3. Crosses

  4. Family Tree

  5. Let You Down

  6. Be Happy

  7. Us

  8. ctrl/alt/del

  9. Bloody Knuckles

  10. Mr. Nice Guy

  11. Apathetic

  12. Grave

  13. Complete Collapse (Acoustic)

  14. Let You Down (Acoustic)

  15. Us (Acoustic)

  16. Be Happy (Acoustic)

  17. Don't Let the Party Die

Sleeping With Sirens is currently on tour throughout North America alongside The Used and Dead American - be sure to catch them if you can!


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