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The El Paso, Texas based Among the Living releases their first CD on Nov 17th with a select of 10 songs about a release of a virus and the effects that it is having as it progressively spreads with songs like “Virus” and “Forsaken Rage” or how about “Going Insane.” The CD was produced by Muzzle Records of Los Angeles, California. But before we got our fill of power heavy metal from them, we heard from five bands representing Texas and New Mexico. Seventh Eve, Death Gravity from El Paso area, and Destroy to Recreate, Disharmony from Albuquerque, New Mexico and at the end Ray Arreola. All having their own heavy metal punk rock style. Ray Arreola rock style was a great cool down from the overpowering electrifying show that Among the Living performed.

Seventh Eve entertained us with a smooth heavy metal sound Introducing us to what we were to expect for the rest of the evening. The set was bittersweet for them as this was the last show their guitarist, Tyler, was going to perform with them. But this is not the end of Seventh Eve, they will continue on and keep up that awesome sound.


Death Gravity bring a whole new sound and vibe to metal and are no strangers to the Rockhouse Dive Bar stage. When they hit the stage, they were ready to rock and keep people dancing the whole time they were there. I was sweating right along with the singer with his mask and gloves on, as they kept me busy in the pit running from one end to the other. Guitarist Justin Little Wolf Lorusso from Among the Living joined in on one of their songs. They just released their own 1st CD this year named “The Void” you can find it on Spotify and listen below!


Destroy to Recreate, a band from New Mexico, brought their heavy dirt metal style to the house, missing their bass player, the lead singer jumped in and sang plus played the bass. He absolutely killed it, these guys knew how to bring in the sound. They are also on the Muzzle Record label with their CD “505”. They brought in the guitarist from Disharmony and helped fill in the band members for them. They as well are on the Muzzle label with their CD “Fore the Floor” They were the prefect lead in band to the headliner. Check out their CD’s at



Ray Arreola from El Paso, Tx is a three-piece band, in his day job he is an on-air personality at Townsquare Media Inc. He is a rocker that knows his music, his band performed last with some slow down tunes that was good for the 1 am crowd wanting to sit back and enjoy some music before heading home. Just one more drink, a cigarette and lean back in the chair and enjoy. You can find Ray on Facebook at

Among the Living wanted everyone to know this was their CD release party and they wanted everyone to join in on the celebration. After their soundcheck they walked off the stage, the stage lights were turned down, there was only a dim red glow, then music started softly, and fog rolled off the stage, the mood was set. The drummer started playing and the lights came up and the band ran on stage. From that moment on, Among the Living pounded out one song after another with their usual hard driving three guitar riffs and hot lyrics. The three guitarists, Angel, Justin, and Caleb never stopped bouncing from one side of the stage to the other. Many times, in the night Caleb and Justin would jump off stage and run around the bar continuing to play, not ever missing a note, they formed circles and were moshing with the crowd.

Meanwhile David Hernandez sings his heart out with lyrics that make you want to scream, shout, and dance. He is telling you a story you want to hear and wants you to get emotional about it. For over an hour they keep it up, playing all the songs on the CD along with a few others. Even their Manager, Fernie Calderon, got on stage and sang than David joined him as they finished the song together. At the end of their performance the guitarist and bass player along with David formed a semi-circle around the drummer with their backs to the audience. They did come back for an encore, keeping that electric energy alive for one last song, the crowd wanted more but they thanked everyone and walked off stage. I have seen this band three times before this and this one was their best performance. They hope to perform at a few festivals this coming year and maybe go on tour after that. Look for them in your city, they are not to be missed.


Find their new CD Closing the Casket at Muzzle Records


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