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Cleveland Band "TALL GRASS" Share Release Date Of New Album "Monarch Butterfly" Out October 27th

Updated: Mar 21

Four piece indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio share that their new album Monarch Butterfly is set to release October 27th, 2023.

Made up of Ben Principe on guitar and vocals, Mario Benjamin Jr on guitar, Paul Perrotti on bass, and Jonah Rigby on drums - the band has been making a name for themselves in Cleveland since the fall of 2021.

The new album is an ode to the stages of change and personal growth - moving on from your past self and accepting the new stages of growth, understanding yourself, and accepting your flaws. Just like a caterpillar that thinks 'I am incapable of moving,' it becomes a butterfly - and that what this allbum is, an everlong journey of a new beginning.

Ben, the bands vocalist, shares "The two singles The Inconvenience of Landlines and Who Ya Gonna call are two good examples of the theme. Landline is about self doubt and constantly feeling like you're annoying everyone but from the perspective of the voice in your head that tells you that. Who Ya Gonna Call is about the feeling of something or someone from your past following you around."

Track List

All My Friends Are Living In Hell

Saddest Factory

Snow on The Roof

The Inconvenience of Landlines


Will I Dare

Hey... (interlude)

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Yellow Turns To Black hell

Lawn Surfing (Bonus Track)

Listen to The Inconvience of Landlines here

Listen to Who Ya Gunna Call here

Pre-save Monarch Buttery here


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