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Chris Brown Releases New Music Video For Angel Numbers/Ten Toes

On February 14, 2024 Chris Brown released a new music video for his song Angel Numbers. With over 6 million views, in this video fans see Chris dancing through what appears to be a galaxy. In the lyricism Chris sings "I lost my way somewhere in another galaxy". Chris presents struggling with a bag he is seen dragging through a desert indicating the weight of something is dragging him down.

Chris passes through to another universe and wakes up in what appears to be a forest. Chris begins singing about anxiety, and is seen dancing as if he is fighting invisible forces. Lights appear within tress that look like they are representing eyes. When Chris turns around these eyes disappear, as if Chris stood up to his demons. As Chris continues to walk through this galaxy with confidence he is stopped and chained by what fans could determine as a temptation. Once he sees a light and breaks free, he runs but is suddenly dragged back. We soon see Chris wake up in a desert where he first fell with a aroura of energy leaving his body. He looks back at the bag he was being dragged down by, and looks ahead to see his family waving at him. Chris looks ahead with a smile, and in relief. The video ends.

watch here:



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