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Chelsea Cutler brings a heartwarming and energetic performance to San Diego.

Nearing the end of "The Beauty is Everywhere Tour," Chelsea Cutler took to the stage at the well-known and intimate SOMA venue in San Diego, California. Accompanying her was the amazingly talented and gifted Yoke Lore.

Chelsea Cutler

As fans awaited with anticipation, the indie folk-pop artist Yoke Lore opened the night in California. Once he took the stage, the audience cheered and applauded. Yoke Lore's performance was nothing short of entertaining. His energy on stage is unlike anything I've ever seen in all my years of doing this. He is just having a good time and truly loves what he does. You can tell this by the way he jumps around, swings his banjo, and dances all across the stage. This made it really fun to capture photos. Getting to photograph his energy was a challenge but so rewarding in the end.

Yoke Lore opened his set with the first two songs from his latest album, "Toward a Never Ending New Beginning." Once you hear his voice, you're blown away. It's not at all what you would imagine him to sound like, but it's truly a sight to see. His talent is unmatched, and his voice hooks you in and makes you want more.

Yoke Lore

Once he played his number one song, "Beige," which I'm sure you have heard across radio stations, the crowd started screaming uncontrollably. His poetic lyrics and energy are captivating. Yoke Lore's ability to engage, pull you in, and not lose your attention is truly a marvel.

If you ever get a chance to see him live, do not pass it up.


After Yoke Lore's set, fans eagerly awaited Chelsea's performance. What followed was a blend of intimate moments, lively energy, and a sense of camaraderie that left the audience in smiles, tears, and laughter.

Chelsea Cutler, known for her catchy melodies and emotion-filled lyrics, took the stage against a backdrop of bright pastel colors, setting a tone for a visually stunning experience. Cutler's performance was nothing short of spectacular. Her vocals were just as good live and retained its mesmerizing quality, drawing the crowd deeper into her world.

Chelsea Cutler

The expansive setlist of around 20 or so songs was a beautiful and perfect representation of Chelsea as she delivered each one with passion and heart. You could tell she really wanted to give the people of San Diego her best performance and a night to remember. She seamlessly showcased her versatility as an artist by playing upbeat songs in contrast with her slowed-down instrumentals all while running around the stage, not missing a breath and keeping the audience engaged throughout the night. Each song resonated with the viewers personally as the venue roared with echoing voices singing every song word for word, track after track.

Chelsea Cutler

What really set this concert apart from others is the sense of connection she created with the audience. Interactions with the crowd added more excitement and made the show feel that much more special and unique. There was a moment in the set when she was about to play a new song, but before, she had someone in the front row call someone they love and tell them, they love them. There was a young man in the front row, and he called his mother and told her he loved her. It's these types of things during a show that make you appreciate and respect the artist more. It again made the show more intimate and personal.

The colors and lighting she used made the performance look like eye candy. With bright yellows, pinks, and blues, the show took on an enjoyable vibe. This made capturing photographs fun but also a challenge in editing. This time around, I went for much more of a softer and brighter look with the photos, something I don't usually do during editing. I believe this made the photos resonate with Chelsea's music on a greater level, they convey the same message as her lyrical content which is inviting and relatable.

Chelsea Cutler

The atmosphere in the small, intimate, crowded room was electric, filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and fellowship. As her catchy and meaningful music filled every corner of the room, strangers became friends, dancing and singing along with one another. It proved that music has the power to gather people of any type and background and foster connections.

As the night ended, it was clear that this would be a night that no one who was fortunate enough to make it would ever forget.



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