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Challenging the Status Quo: A Closer Look at Cold Year's Bold New Single 'Choke' From Their Upcoming Album 'A Different Life'

Cold Years, a Scottish Rock Quartet throws up their fists as they challenge the UK Establishment with their new single “Choke” from their exciting upcoming album “A Different Life.” The album is set to release on April 26, 2024. It already has fans and critics marking the dates in their calendars as they ecstatically wait for the release with reviews such as “Undeniably Passionate”- Alternative Press, and “The Best Iteration of the Band Yet (which given their already-high standards, is very exciting)"- Kerrang! Cold Years already made waves with their 2020 highly political album “Paradise” which is a perfect storm of singer Ross Gordon's personal and generational travails as he continues to convey them in the new upcoming album where he expresses them in a way that makes sense of the world through all the nonsense that follows in everyday life. 

Cold Years

With fans excitedly anticipating the new album, Cold Years dropped the second song in the album “Roll With It” along with their seventh song “Choke” to show fans a sneak peek of what their newest punk-rock masterpiece is made of. Choke takes denunciation of the current political state of the United Kingdom to the next step as singer Ross Gordon opens the song with lyrics such as “Do you really feel alive?  Do you think that they can sell this to you," inviting the listeners to take a step back and in true punk fashion makes the listeners question their own lives and the state of the world around them. The band touches listeners deeply personally with the scorching energy of their lyrics in their single “Roll With It.” The song is a peek into the whole album's challenge of normality and what is deemed conventional by society as they sing fiery lyrics such as “and maybe there’s a place for us that doesn’t take away everything,”

The album is consistent with punk and alternative rock sounds as the band explores the freedom of the rock genre. When Ross Gordon is asked about the album he solidifies the angsty records' future success with words such as “This is the first time I’ve ever come out of a studio able to listen to the tracks, where and I say this 100% with conviction, we went in and did everything we wanted to do and more.” He emphasizes that he has never felt that way about an album recording before and that this album has changed the game for Cold Years as a band, “We didn’t just do twelve tracks that sound the same. We tried to make things a little different.” The new upcoming album continues to be a personal sacrifice for the band as Gordon states “You miss a lot doing this-  weddings, birthdays, anniversaries- so it is this immense personal sacrifice, but it’s worthwhile.”

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