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Updated: Apr 24

UK rapper Central Cee has ended the new year with a new single titled “Entrapreneur." An unfiltered look into his meteoric rise to fame, the track reflects on Cench’s nonstop schedule over the past two years since hitting it big. It also gives homage to his previous releases, with a callback to his hit “Sprinter” showing just how far he's come: “Toyota Yaris to Urus.” Centered on fashion and streetwear, “Entrapreneur” touches on launching clothing lines and selling merch. The song features an intro from fashion mogul Mikey Trapstar, speaking on blending hustle and creativity.

Before the release, Central Cee teased the track on social media, sharing a snippet along with a new t-shirt design that left fans eagerly waiting for the drop. He soon unveiled “Entrapreneur" with a multi-location music video filmed in London and Rovaniemi, Finland which you can watch here. Sporting a Bellingham football kit, Cench showcases his journey so far while debuting his latest SYNA collection in the snow: “£180 for the tracksuit. Go somewhere else if it’s overpriced.” The lyrics nod to his holiday references about persistent hustle, while the merch features "the traps still running on xmas day" - a tribute to his 2022 single “Doja.”

"Entrapreneur" follows Central Cee’s collaborative mixtape ‘Split Decision’ with Dave and his breakout solo hit “Sprinter,” the UK's most-streamed song of 2023. After 10 weeks at number one, it became the longest-running UK rap chart-topper ever. Cench also toured the US with Drake after an “On The Radar” freestyle feature, with the new lyrics noting he's spent “730 days on tour” working nonstop. He closed out the year with appearances on The Kid LAROI and Jungkook’s "Too Much" and PinkPantheress’s "Nice To Meet You." 

Despite having few drops last year, Central Cee has become the first UK rapper to surpass 2 billion Spotify streams. Doubling last year's figures, his success continues to skyrocket.

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