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Capulet Festival 2024: The speculation continues...

Updated: Jun 27

In the wake of music festivals such as FYRE Fest and Blue Ridge Rock Fest, attendees have become even more cautious about attending music festivals and purchasing tickets at astronomical prices, not to mention investing in local accommodations, traveling into the area, and every other little expense in between. We all reminisce the wonder that was Warped Tour, an event that, in the end, had it's own complications and allegations attached to the name, yet still provided non-stop music to practically every city across the United States for over two decades.

When Capulet Entertainment announced their 2024 installment of Capulet Festival, Connecticut metalheads were ecstatic. As a state typically forgotten by festival organizers and frequently skipped by tour series to play neighboring states instead, Capulet arose as a beacon of hope for the music scene in Connecticut. Now, just barely 24 hours before the event, it appears Capulet will be celebrating its last year in New England as speculations and allegations continue to diminish the name Estevan Vega has worked tirelessly to cultivate.

While nothing has been confirmed by Capulet Entertainment or Estevan Vega himself, it appears the festival will still happen, in Connecticut, except the experience will be nothing like it was initially advertised to be. This article will detail all the current speculations and allegations surrounding Capulet Festival's 2024 curation. Please understand everything detailed below has been assumed and there has yet to be any further announcements from the brand itself confirming or denying any of the following information.

Capulet Festival began to go up in flames yesterday afternoon, barely 48 hours before the event was intended to take place at Thompson Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut, from June 28 - June 30. According to outside sources, Capulet Festival had been canceled at the Speedway since Monday, however, attendees only barely learned about the complications Capulet Entertainment is facing yesterday, when accredited media outlets received a message from the initial festival PR team, stating they were stepping away from assisting the festival. Already, alarms went off in our head. An event with 55 bands performing on multiple stages across three days is a massive endeavor and having a strong team to provide publicity is crucial to earn back the money invested. There have been discussions on the lack of funds Capulet was able to raise for this event, an issue that was allegedly resolved by charging smaller acts thousands of dollars for a performance slot.

In addition to the monetary benefits of having a PR team, a publicist's job is to ensure you maintain a respectable reputation, especially when things don't go as planned. Now, with barely 24 hours until the event, ticketholders are beginning to become impatient and aggravated with the lack of information and updates being provided. Attendees have spent hundreds of dollars on hotels, camping equipment, rental cars, plane tickets, and saved money for months to spend while enjoying the experience. The owners of The Concert Chronicles spent around $350 on a hotel alone, a hotel that is now expected to be over an hour from the new location being thrown around in conversations. The frustration of fans is valid and it appears no one on the festival team is attempting to relieve the confusion or annoyance displayed by ticketholders. As the hours continue to pass with nothing new confirmed from the event organizers, comments have begun to compare Capulet to the disappointing experience of Blue Ridge Rock Fest last year; a real shame for an event that could've shaped the underappreciated Connecticut music scene. To cover their tracks, the brand has been deleting any comments that diminish the experience from what it was originally marketed as.

Capulet Festival 2024 aroused metalheads with its impressive lineup, featuring 55 artists in the genre from big names like Skillet to local artists like Gina Fritz, however, recent assumptions have claimed most of these artists have dropped from the lineup in the wake of current events. While this has yet to be officially confirmed by any direct connections to Capulet Festival, it is believed Life In Your Way, Sevendust, Nothing More, Senses Fail, Skillet, and Sleep Theory alongside five other unnamed artists have pulled out of the event entirely and will no longer be performing in Connecticut this weekend. If such is true, this information has still not been disclosed to ticketholders nor has there been any conversations about replacements to ensure the experience is still what attendees paid for.

On the same note, Capulet Festival offered various ticketing options intended to enhance the experience, one of which being an option to camp out on the Speedway grounds. In theory, this would've been an unforgettable adventure for attendees, but now ticketholders appear to be the most concerned about how camping tickets will be honored. The camping package did not offer a general admission ticket and was well over a hundred dollars to secure a spot for all three days. Regardless, this was the cheapest stay accommodation for those traveling into Connecticut for the event, but with such short notice, practically all hotels in the area are booked or charging astronomical prices for a room. Capulet Entertainment has claimed these tickets will still be validated and another option will be offered for those with camping tickets, no further details have been provided.

So what really happened? Word on the street is that the stage crew wasn't paid and thus packed up all their equipment after uninstalling the stage at Thompson Speedway. This set off a domino effect, eventually revealing allegations that Thompson Speedway was never paid for the usage of their location and EMS was allegedly called off days ago. The Speedway has just recently made an official announcement claiming they have no association nor endorsement to Capulet Entertainment or Festival.

While the future of Capulet Festival appears bleak, there is hope that 2024's installment might still concur despite complications. There have been discussions about a venue change, with predicted thunderstorms all weekend, an indoor venue might've been the best choice nonetheless, however, almost all local venues are booked with shows for this entire weekend so, if a venue change is happening, you can predict the venue will not be in Thompson, maybe not even in the general area. Some have mentioned The Webster in Hartford as the new location, a venue much smaller than Thompson Speedway and over an hour outside of the first location, however, the venue is booked for the entire weekend so it appears unlikely. While this is all the information we've received through speculations and assumptions, Capulet Entertainment will be providing more official updates this afternoon, stay up to date through their social media platforms for further details.

real time updates:

6/27/2024 - 12:16 PM - Allegedly Nothing More was unaware of their performance at Capulet Festival until last night.

6/27/2024 - 2:40 PM - Until I Wake, Gideon, and Cold have officially dropped from the lineup.

6/27/2024 - 3:08 PM - Impending Doom and VCTMS have officially dropped from the lineup.

6/27/2024 - 4:00 PM - Capulet Festival will still happen at The Webster in Hartford, CT. A new lineup will be revealed later today.

6/27/2024 - 9:10 PM.- Alesana, Saint Asonia, and Notging More have officially dropped from the lineup

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