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Capturing The Spiritual Aspects of The Heilung Ritual at Township Auditorium

On October 21st, 2023- Heilung performed at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC with an almost sold-out show. For every person who buys tickets to Heilung, one dollar will be donated to plant trees. The Heilung described their music as "amplified history from early medieval northern Europe". Heilung sings in numerous different languages such as Old English, Old Saxon, and Old Norse as well as German, English, and other languages. The meaning of the name "Heilung" is "healing" which their music does to those who listen and allows those to awaken their spiritual side.

Heilung taken in the photo pit @Township Auditorium

After the performance; An attendee named Evan messaged me and stated after showing him a few photos from the ritual; "You have captured the spirit in the gods that move through their music through their drumming, and through all of us! You understand us, you understand the spiritual side, and how deeply it runs through some of us, including myself"

Crowd shots of Heilung @Township Auditorium

Keep Up With Heilung Online: Instagram / Website / Facebook / Youtube


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