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"Can't-Miss Event: Headliner NarrowHead and 8 Bands Take Over Tullips FTW in Dallas, Texas"

On a chilly Dallas afternoon, there is a crowd of people eagerly waiting to get into Tuilips FTW. With lines still outside the door, Heavytrip begins their 30-minute set, setting the stage for the 8-band lineup.


The closer the time gets to Narrowhead the denser and more ecstatic the crowd gets, by the time the 5th band of the night, Bleed, takes the stage the mosh pit begins to up the energy and even starts to move the barricade with the sheer force and electricity from the crowd. The lead singer of Narrowhead, Jacob Durate even joins ecstatic energy by joining Bleed in a song making the crowd grow even more excited for their later set.

After the electrifying set the crowd goes outside, basking in the chilly night to cool down after 30 minutes of moshing and dancing in the pit. Slow Joy then brings the crowd back to the stage slowing down it down and giving the crowd a much-needed breather before the two heaviest bands take the stage. When their set ends, the crowd takes the lead singer, Esteban Flores by storm when they sing him Happy Birthday, closing out the set on an exciting and harmonizing note.

After a long day of amazing bands playing, Narrowhead takes the stage as the crowd excitedly moves from outside to the stage to watch their favorite band perform their set. The lights change to a beautiful sunset pallet with blues, purples, reds, and yellows highlighting the band beautifully. The set is very electrifying, as the crowd fills out the entire building eagerly watching for their favorite song to be played. The crowd is very energetic throughout the set, as the band keeps the energy high not only on the stage but in the crowd as well.  

Head Liner:

Narrow Head

Featured Openers:

Trauma Ray

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Slow Joy

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