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Bringin' It On Home Again: The Record Company

The Record Company once again turned up the heat, despite this Chicago winter trying to give us a collective chill.  

The city is like a second home for the band, and the gritty blues rock sound they are known for lends itself well to Chicago blues fans. In fact, lead singer, Chris Vos paid homage to the blues' greats and Chicago's deep history with the genre, visiting Chess Records on south Michigan Avenue before their sold out show at Park West.

Fans traveled from far and wide for the explosive show. Some touting this as the thirtieth or fortieth time seeing The Record Company live.

The show's momentum steadily grew as the set chugged on - like a heavy freight train, gaining speed as it pulled it's load towards the station. The slide guitar blues riffs stung, Vos's voice snarled, Alex Stiff's bass drove, and Marc Cazorla beats kept the crowd bumpin' in time.

Songs from their newest, The 4th Album, offer the gambit of toe-tapping, funky sounds mixed with a message of pure inspiration and levity in surprisingly dark places.

The Record Company grabs you by the collar and imparts you with some religion, delivered with a groove and a growl. They are a must see at a theater near you.


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