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Updated: May 2

It marks the first new music from the band in 2024 as they make their return in an impassioned and ambitious mood. Full of thrust and intention, "Container" is rich with depth and groove, offering an early signpost to where their sound is taking them next: from parallel universes to personal growth, vivid dreamscapes to raw grief.

Lead singer Henry Cox says, "'Container' explores the idea of second chances, the panic that sets in knowing you need to change your world before it's too late, and you get swallowed up and lost forever. It's about the stagnancy of life creeping up on you and how that can bring about change."

Watch the music video for Container below or here.

Working with long-time producer Larry Hibbitt, alongside engineer Alex O'Donovan, the band switched recording from London to the leafier pastures of the home counties. "Because Larry lives out in the countryside now, it was a way different environment and way different experience recording this time," lead guitarist Mike Cunniff remembers.

As a band known for using their music to make bigger statements about society, "Container" is by contrast a look inward, as they harness the uplifting power of their music and the communion it creates.

Cox concludes, "I think it's really important to write something that people can be immersed in and find some sort of solace in."

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