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Born Of Osiris : New Single + Upcoming Tour

Born of Osiris is back with a new track, and it's sure to be a hit with the older fans. The band wanted to make something that old school fans will instantly recognize. "A Mind Short Circuiting" is djent with shifting moods and a fluctuating tempo. It will definitely have you headbanging the whole time you're listening to it.

This was my first time sitting down and listening to the band. They definitely did not disappoint! I probably listened to this song 6 times on repeat. The visualizer is absolutely beautiful. I could see the visuals being used as album art. I'm excited to dig deeper into the band's music, as well as see what they have to offer in the future.

Catch the visualizer down below and see what the band had to say about the new single.

“’A Mind Short Circuiting’ embodies the essence of our roots. The combination of ethereal melodies with down-tuned guitars has helped inspire lyrics that evoke darker emotions. We are sure that our OG fans will appreciate this one.”

The band also has a long list of upcoming tour dates. They will be kicking it off in Europe, joining Attila, Aviana, and Crown Magnetar. Shortly after their Europe shows they will be hitting up the US. They will be joining Attila once again, as well as Traitors, Extortionist and Not Enough Space.


Born of Osiris


born of osiris


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