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Bloom Makes Big Move: Announces Record Label Signing and New Single Release

Updated: Mar 18

BLOOM, the sensational Sydney-based melodic metalcore band, just dropped some major news! They have officially signed with Pure Noise Records and unveiled a brand new single titled 'Bound To Your Whispers' and an awe-inspiring music video. Fans can't get enough of BLOOM's unique sound, making this announcement all the more exciting!

The band shared their thoughts on the new single, stating that "Bound to Your Whispers is an exploration of internal disparity and the disconnect between internal doubts, and the manipulation of one's self.

Written as dialogue between the two internal voices, the protagonist is manipulated by their own thoughts, falling into a false sense of security “let me in, and I’ll relieve your fears… could this be everything I need?”. What is initially perceived as a voice of reason, sheltering the protagonist (“I’ll keep you safe, distract you from all your pain”) gives comfort to the protagonist that they can deal with their anxieties themselves 'don’t reach out, you don't need help'. This false sense begins to unravel, wearing the protagonist down by forcing them to relive mistakes and planting seeds of doubt, revealing itself as a trap as it gains control of the internal struggle. 'You let me in, and I confirmed your fears'.

This internal dialogue convinces the protagonist that there is no way he can exist without the anxiety that has followed him throughout the years, and he gives in, allowing himself to be consumed. 'Bound to your whispers, under your spell. I have nothing left in me."

Since their formation in 2017, Bloom has consistently poured their hearts and souls into every release. Their music is a heartfelt exploration of themes ranging from broken relationships to grieving after losing a loved one. Their ability to convey profound emotion through powerful, soaring songwriting and unforgettable hooks and choruses sets Bloom apart from the rest. Simply put, their music is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Bloom has faced many challenges along their musical journey. Despite the pandemic, they released their sophomore EP, In Passing, in 2020 and completed a 19-date Australian tour during a brief period of eased restrictions in early 2021. They have also been hard at work writing and recording their upcoming release with producer Christopher Vernon despite being located in different parts of the country. Bloom is a band that refuses to let anything hinder their passion for creating music.

Bloom has excelled in the Melodic Hardcore genre by skillfully blending powerful instrumentation, evocative lyrics, and passionate vocals. This winning combination is what sets them apart from the rest.

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