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Bloodstock Adds 18 More Bands To Lineup

Updated: May 2

Bloodstock announce the addition of 19 more crushing bands to the already monster of a lineup. The annual metalhead weekender takes place from the 8-11 of August annually in Derbyshire's Catton Park.

Some of the names joining the lineup today are Swedish progressive metallers Soen, death/hardcore fusionists Burner, black metallers Haliphron, Irish death metallers DeathCollector, rock trio Haxan and Swedish metalheads, Wolf. Combichrist, Xentrix, Ryujin, Ignea, Unpeople have also been added to the billing, alongside Deitus, Osiah and Awake By Design plus many more.

Day tickets are now on sale and don't forget that there's just two weeks left until the Ticket Deposit Scheme closes - you can sign up anytime before midnight on February 29th here.

All tickets available here.


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