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Blood in the Water at Rio Grande Border Town

Blood in the Water

Invader is a four-piece local El Paso rock band, opening the “Blood in the Water Tour”

these young men have a lot of energy and a great handle on what is going on in the rock

scene in the area. The drummer and the bass player have been together for 2 years, the

band has expanded by adding two guitarists. They are new and fresh to the El Paso rock

scene but from what I heard they will fit in just nicely. They are working on songs for their

first CD which they hope to be going into the studio soon to start recording. Keep an eye

out for this band as they have a good start opening for the following bands in this article.

You can find Invader on social media at the following links:

Burning Sunday is a Southern New Mexico metal band that has grown out of the desert,

their message is strong and powerful. Bart Man the lead singer, is a veteran and they are

always looking for ways to help other veterans through their music. They have been around

for 19 years. Bart vocals and guitarist, Nick bassist, and Larry drummer are the original

members of the band still entertaining the Southwest, they are like family looking out for

each other in times of need.

Burning Sunday is continuously creating new music and currently working on their 11th

CD. They ended their set with a newly released single “Judgement Day”. Look for it on their

new CD maybe. The band is keeping busy with multiple performance in the next few months, including Spring Fling which I will be reporting on in April, Southwest Metal Fest in June and then I trip to California where they will perform at multiple locations including the famous Whisky Go-Go.

Look up Burning Sunday on Facebook and Instagram:

Pissing Razors, native to El Paso, Tx they have been celebrating the power of rock music for 30 years. The two original members of the band, Eddy Garcia and Matt Lynch tirelessly bring their best to every performance. Along with Bassist Geo Gomez and lead singer Joe Rodriguez have stayed with the original plan to incite a musical tone loud and aggressive in

ferocity and heavy in punk and metal elements. The purpose was to create music listeners

could ‘groove’ to and connect with, something that was over the top, both visually and

sonically, including live performances ripe with actual fire, blood, and high volume. The

night of this concert was just that and more. They did keep the blood and fire to a minimum

for this performance.

They opened their set with "Dodging Bullets" off their self-titled albumPissing Razors released in 1998, then played numerous songs from their 7 albums. LikeMass Corruption, Between Heaven & Hell, Wasting Away, and World of Deceit.

Their 7th album was released in 2021, Eulogy Death March which can be found on their

website along with their other albums.

Flotsam & Jetsam, headlining the show bring their thrash metal style from Phoenix, AZ to

Texas. Vocalist Eric "A. K"Knutson, guitarists Michael Gilbert and Steve Conley, bassist Bill Bodily, and drummer Ken Mary opened their performance with Hammerhead

released in 1986, they selected a mix of songs from their 43 years performing together

which cross over 14 albums, the last one released in 2021, Blood in the Water. Their excellent combination of instruments with Eric “A. K” Knutson vocals bring you on a journey of thrash metal. With aggressive and fast tempo beats, mixed with powerful shredding by the lead guitarist. It is intense heavy metal with strong lyrics worth listening to.

Flotsam & Jetsam over the years as performed with many famous names as Pantera, Megadeth, Malice, Exciter, Riot, and Dark Angel. Interesting fact at one time before becoming the Flotsam & Jetsam they called themselves The Dogz.

Many in the crowd knew the songs and sang along, jumping and bumping to the beat. The bar was full barely enough room to move from one end to the other, there were a lot of Flotsam & Jetsam merch being worn showing that they still have a large fan base.

Check out their website and social media, you will become a fan as well.

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