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Black Veil Brides' "Scarlet Cross" 3 year anniversary

Updated: 5 days ago

Three years ago today, Black Veil Brides released their hit single, "Scarlett Cross" which was the precursor for their sixth studio album, "The Phantom Tomorrow." "Scarlett Cross" is a powerful anthem that captures the bands' exploration of defying societal norms. With its hard-hitting lyrics and electrifying musical arrangement, the song delivers delivers a message of empowerment and resistance. Listen to "Scarlett Cross" here:

Scarlett Cross is the second track on Black Veil Brides' sixth studio album, The Phantom Tomorrow. The song has over 23 million streams on Spotify and the band has 2.5 million monthly listeners.

Black Veil Brides originated in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since then, their lineup has changed. The band is currently comprised of lead vocalist Andy Black, lead guitarist Jake Pitts, rhythm guitarist Jeremy "Jinxx" Ferguson, bassist Lonny Eagleton, and percussionist Christian "CC" Coma.

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