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Black Veil Brides and Ville Valo Release A Cover of Sisters of Mercy's "Temple of Love"

Updated: Feb 28

Andy Biersack, lead vocalist of American rock band Black Veil Brides, recently partnered with Ville Valo (VV, HIM) to cover Sisters of Mercy’s 'Temple of Love'. The long-awaited joint effort came out Friday, June 9th, 2023, and delighted the fans of both artists. The band’s unique take on this iconic track provides a blend of modern rock elements while paying homage to the original’s gothic ambiance. The band’s signature sound, characterized by powerful vocals and dynamic instrumentation, adds a new layer of intensity to the track. Biersack’s vocals are both haunting and emotive, echoing the passion of the lyrics.

As mentioned by frontman Andy Biersack, "I first discovered Sisters of Mercy in my freshman year of high school, I had a poster of AFI from the Art of Drowning era and Davey was wearing a SOM shirt and so as was often the case back then I went on the hunt to find the music that had inspired my favorite musicians. The very first song I heard by SOM was the ‘92 version of ‘Temple of Love’ and I became obsessed with their entire catalog. We’ve talked about doing a BVB version of this song for years and when given the opportunity to collaborate with fellow SOM fan and goth rock icon VV (Ville Valo) it seems like the perfect situation. We are thrilled with how it turned out and hope that anyone who’s familiar with the track enjoys our spin on it and those who have never heard the original enjoy it and maybe this will lead them down the path to the greatness that is SOM like that poster of AFI did for me when I was a kid."

- Andy Biersack (vocals)

Stream "Temple of Love" HERE

Black Veil Brides originated from Cincinnati, Ohio where Andy Biersack grew up. When he was 18, the aspiring musician dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. He offered his fellow band members the opportunity to join him, however, they all declined. In the first couple of years, BVB’s lineup changed quite a bit. As of now, the band is comprised of lead vocalist Andy Biersack, lead guitarist Jake Pitts, bassist Lonny Eagleton, rhythm guitarist/violinist Jeremy Ferguson (Jinxx), and percussionist Christian Coma (CC).

Black Veil Brides is most known for their debut song, Knives and Pens. The song delves into themes of self-expression, struggle, and the cathartic release that music can provide. The opening guitar riff sets the tone for the song, immediately drawing the listener into the emotional journey that the lyrics explore. Biersack delivers the verses with raw intensity, reflecting the pain and conflict felt by the song’s protagonist. The chorus, marked by soaring vocals and a catchy melody, contrasts this darkness with a sense of defiance and empowerment. The lyrics of Knives and Pens encapsulate feelings of isolation, inner turmoil, and the desire for a means of escape. Whether you’re listening to classics such as In the End or Knives and Pens, or new releases such as Temple of Love or Devil, you can never go wrong with Black Veil Brides!

Ville Hermanni Valo is a Finnish singer, songwriter, and musician. He is best known as the lead vocalist in the gothic rock band His Infernal Majesty (HIM), although his musicianship can also be heard in Winha (1990-1990) and Agents (2019-Present). Valo has an extensive history with music. He was accepted into a music-focused class after the second grade. He took after Kiss's Gene Simmons and learned how to play bass. He also joined various bands such as B.L.O.O.D. , Eloveena Boys, and Aurora before finally starting HIM with Mikko Paananen. Valo also trademarked Heartagram, which would later be HIM's logo. Heartagram is a combination of a heart and a pentagram. The heart is meant to represent the softer side of HIM while the pentagram is meant to represent some of the heavier elements of HIM's sound.

One of VV's most popular songs is called Neon Noir. The song can be best described as a musical fusion, blending elements from several genres to create a unique tapestry. From the opening notes of Neon Noir, listeners are transported to a cybernetic dreamscape.

Black Veil Brides' rendition of 'Temple of Love' featuring Ville Valo is an exquisite take on a British-rock classic by Sisters of Mercy. The song showcases and highlights the refined musicianship of both artists while also paying homage to the beloved original. The new release has made fans even more eager to see the two artists on their much-anticipated upcoming dual-headlining tour. Find tickets below and click the links to keep up with the artists for future announcements!

Keep Up With Ville Valo: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Website

Keep Up With Black Veil Brides: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tiktok | Youtube | Website


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