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Updated: Mar 18

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ABOUT BLACK EYED PEAS: Black Eyed Peas continues to fulfill their master plan devised in 1995; pushing the game forward musically. They execute each stage of this plan with focus and intent, allowing their evolution to play out in real-time over a series of game-changing albums, beginning with Behind The Front [1998] through Bridging The Gap [2000], Elephunk [2003], Monkey Business [2005], The E.N.D. [2009], The Beginning[2010], Masters of the Sun, Vol. 1 [2018], and, most recently TRANSLATION[2020]. Along the way, co-founders, and Taboo have set music industry records that will probably never be exceeded, moved north of 35 million albums and 120 million singles, gathered six GRAMMY® Awards, and headlined the Super Bowl, the World Cup, and F1 races. The multi-platinum group launched the comeback of the decade after eight years of dormancy. The future matters the most to these trailblazers, which brings us to their 2022 blockbuster ninth full-length, Elevation [Epic Records]. The 15-track opus represents another logical step and the dawn of a new phase, boasting the smash “DON’T YOU WORRY” [feat. Shakira & David Guetta] and collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Anuel AA, Ozuna, Nicole Scherzinger, and more. About the record, comments, “We were behind the front, then we bridged the gap. We rode an elephant’s back to realize the industry was full of monkey business. That was the end, but the end is new beginnings. Becoming masters of the sun, and mastering the industry, we realized we had to have translation in this complex world. But we are falling up, and never falling. Black Eyed Peas is known for elevation. This is the next stage for us, reaching higher.


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