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Beyond the Band: Keith Wallen’s Solo Odyssey into ‘Infinity Now’

In the grand theater of rock, where guitar gods and lyrical poets play out the soundtrack of our lives, there emerges a figure whose chords strike deeper than the rest. Enter Keith Wallen, the axeman of Breaking Benjamin fame, now stepping into the spotlight with a solo album that promises to echo through eternity.

Infinity Now" – the title alone beckons you to pause and listen, not just with your ears, but with your soul. Set to drop on May 3rd via Rise Records, this isn’t just another album; it’s a musical manifesto, a declaration of timeless sound in an ever-changing world. Fans can’t wait to hit the pre-save button, their anticipation buzzing like a distorted riff waiting to explode.

Before the full symphony unfolds, Wallen teases us with “The Wolf,” a music video that’s more than a visual treat – it’s a narrative that claws at the heart. Wallen himself describes it as a reflection of our own inner battles, the toxic allure we all know too well. It’s a song that resonates with the part of us that dances on the edge, always returning to the fire that we know will burn.

The video, directed by the astute Courtney Dellafiora, captures this dance in the intimate confines of a southern Nashville home. It’s as if you’ve stumbled upon Wallen in a moment of raw creativity, guitar in hand, as he serenades the night. And let’s not forget the star of the show, Bane – not just any wolf, but a true actor, bringing a wild authenticity to the screen.

But who is Keith Wallen? He’s the man who’s straddled the line between the haunting melodies of '80s pop and the gritty riffs of '90s grunge. His solo work is a journey through the sounds that have shaped a generation, from the catchy tunes of The Police to the brooding power of Alice In Chains.

Wallen’s not just a solo act; he’s a maestro of collaboration, having crafted hits with the likes of Saint Asonia and Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch. His voice isn’t just a sound; it’s a force, driving home anthems that resonate with a piercing honesty and a gripping presence.

From the resurgence of Breaking Benjamin with “Dark Before Dawn” to his introspective “Allies EP,” Wallen’s music has always been a beacon for those seeking truth in art. His debut solo album “This World Or The Next” and the follow-up “Infinity Now” are no different, with tracks like “Blackout” and “Headspace Holiday” offering a glimpse into the heart of a true rock poet.

Produced by Kevin Thrasher and mixed by Joel Wanasek, “Infinity Now” is not just an album – it’s an invitation to join Wallen on a voyage through the landscapes of his mind, where every note is a step on a path to musical nirvana.

So, as we await the release of “Infinity Now,” let’s celebrate Keith Wallen – the guitarist, the songwriter, the storyteller. His music isn’t just heard; it’s experienced, a testament to the power of honesty, authenticity, and the unyielding spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.



"The Wolf"

"Don't Fall Asleep"



"Crown of Thorns"

"Crush Me"

"Dear Father"


4/25 — Bloomington, IL — Castle Theatre+

4/26 — Iowa City, IA — Wildwood+

4/27 — Minneapolis, MN — Skyway Theatre

4/28 — Oconomowoc, WI — Rally Point+

4/30 — Joliet, IL — The Forge+

5/1 — Ft. Wayne, IN — Piere's+

5/2 — Pittsburgh, PA — Crafthouse+

5/3 — South Bend, IN — Four Winds Field++

5/4 — La Crosse, WI — Loggers Stadium Park++

5/7 — Greenville, SC — The Radio Room+++

5/8 — Savannah, GA — Victory North+++

5/13 — Dothan, AL — Dothan Civic Center++++

5/15 — Clarksville, TN — FM Bank Arena++++

5/16 — Johnson, TN — Freedom Hall Civic Center++++

7/12 — Albuquerque, NM — Sunshine Theater+++++

7/13 — Oklahoma City, OK — Beer City Music Hall+++++

7/14 — Kansas City, MO — The Truman+++++

7/15 — Springfield, MO — The Regency+++++

7/16 — Des Moines, IA — Wooly's+++++

7/21 — Hartford, CT — Websiter Theater+++++

7/22 — Boston, MA — Paradise Rock Club+++++

7/24 — Harrisburg, PA — HMAC+++++

7/25 — Richmond, VA — The National+++++

7/26 — Charlotte, NC — Neighborhood Theatre+++++

7/27 — Knoxville, TN — The Concourse+++++

+Direct Support for Through Fire

++Supporting Seether

+++Direct Support for 10 Years

++++Supporting Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry

+++++Supporting Citizen Soldier and Icon For Hire


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