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Between The Buried and Me Performs at The Underground!

On March 7, 2024, Between The Buried and Me performed at The Underground in Charlotte North Carolina with special guest The Acacia Strain on "The Colors Experience" Tour. The venue was filled from beginning to end! Crowd surfers galore! The barricade almost broke due to fans holding onto it and head banging! Overall, it's one of the craziest shows I've seen yet!

The Acacia Strain opened the night and performed songs from "Step Into The Light" as well as "3750" and "Coma Witch." I never got a chance to see this band live until this night and every time I had a chance to, especially during Vans Warped Tour years, I was never able to see them. Being able to finally see one of my favorite deathcore bands made my 2024 even better. The Acacia Strain formed in 2021 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, but currently resides in New York. The band consists of Vincent Bennett (Vocals), Matt Guglielmo (Drums), Mike Mulholland (Guitar), Devin Shidaker (Guitar), and Griffin Landa (Bass). Currently, Vincent is the last of the original members of The Acacia Strain

Three songs they performed during their set which climbed to my top favorites list included "Calf's Blood", "Open Wound", and "Fresh Bones." As I was attempting to maneuver through the crowd to find my friends, I was almost pulled into the most brutal mosh pit I think I've ever seen. You can sense that all these individuals needed to let everything out. Once I got away from the mosh pit, I was standing next to my friend, and the amount of crowd surfers throughout their set was intense. No one fell though! And the security guards definitely had the time of their lives and probably won't have to go to the gym for the next year

Towards the end of their set; Vincent took a second and spoke out to the crowd; "I really hate these things" as he grabbed onto the barricade, "I want all of you close to me. We are here for each other. We are here to feel accepted and wanted. And this barricade blocks all of that. I want all of you to crowd surf to me!"

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Then, finally, Between The Buried and Me went on stage with the fog machine making the entrance mysterious and causing a major adrenaline rush for everyone in attendance. The last time I saw this band perform was at the Christmas Burns Red show and their stage presence was out of this world. The band consists of; Tommy Giles Rogers (Vocals) , Paul Waggoner (Guitar) , Dan Briggs (Bass) , Blake Richardson (Drums) , Dustie Waring (Guitar) , and touring guitarist Tristan Auman

Between The Buried and Me performed the album Colors in its full entirety which was released back in 2007 with "Foam Born (A) The Backtrack" being the most popular song off that album with over 3 million Spotify plays! Songs such as; "Sun of Nothing", "Ants of The Sky", and "Viridian" were performed, and "Sun of Nothing" was my favorite due to the heavy and chaotic beginning of the song. When you look at the vocalist, you'd never guess that he would have vocals like that.

When they were all done with their set; the crowd screamed "ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!" And the band came out and stated, "Who wants to hear a song from Automata II? Here is VOICE OF TRESPASS!" I've never personally heard this song before, but it had a jazz/rock sound to it and surprisingly became one of my favorite songs from that night!

Make sure you come and support this tour! If you can't see them one night, go the next night, Between The Buried and Me is staying at the same venue for two nights in a row in every city! No excuses!

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