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Belmont and Can't Swim Co-Headlining Across North America!

On November 1st, 2023- Belmont headlines at the Hangar 1819 in Greensboro, North Carolina with special guests; Seneca Burns, House Parties, and Can't Swim! If you want to experience a show where you stand there and realize you need to improve your endurance and stamina, you have to attend a Belmont show!

Opening up the night was a band called Seneca Burns from Charlotte, North Carolina consisting of Atticus Lane ( Lead Vocals, Guitar), Matt Jarvis (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), John Jenkins (Bass), and Christian Whittington (Drums). Atticus was very engaging with the crowd and had the audience participate in jokes throughout the set. Even his band mates kept giving him stares conveying "We know. He talks A LOT" The band recently went on tour with Careful Gaze around the USA from September 30th to October 28th!

Seneca Burns released their new single "Point of View" on September 30th, 2023

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The next band up for the night was House Parties from Texas consisting of Chaney Elaine (Lead Vocals), Spencer Trinidad (Guitar), and Wesley K Jones (Drums). If you like pop-punk, this is the band for you! And If you like a band that has a BAD ASS woman vocalist, THIS IS THE BAND FOR YOU! Most of their songs represent mental struggle and other hardships you may experience in your life. Chaney once stated in an interview "I want our music to be a safe space for those and to be able to just let loose"

House Parties formed in 2019 during the COVID pandemic. Their single "Cautious" released on January 27th, 2023 was produced by Seth Henderson (State Champs) and Derek DiScanio (Frontman of State Champs). Chaney explained that the song is about living in constant paranoia that individuals around you are out to get you and that we are all trying our best to live in this world. Their newest single "Brain Dead" was released on October 12th, 2023!

During their set, they performed "Given Up" by Linkin Park and Taz Johnson (Vocalist of Belmont) went on stage and did guest vocals as well!

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Next on stage to perform, who is co-headlining with Belmont on this leg of tour, was Can't Swim, formed in New Jersey consisting of Chris LoPorto (Vocals) , Greg McDevitt (Bass), Blake Gamel (Drums) and Danny Rico (Guitar); Danny was not able to attend this tour sadly due to work! On May 18, 2023; Can't Swim released their newest album "Thanks, But No Thanks" with their song "I heard they found you face down inside your living room" being the most popular song off that album with over 1 million plays!

“I heard they found you face down inside your living room” is a song about the time I received a phone call that one of my friends had committed suicide. The lyrics describe not being able to fathom living without them. the confusion, regret and resentment have sat heavy in my heart for a long time but writing this song has given me some sort of solace and relief. Obviously, a very dark song but I hope it can provide some sort of comfort to others who have gone through this similar circumstance.” - Chris LoPorto

Throughout their set, Gabe would constantly jump in the air. I don't think Gabe was on the ground for more than a 1 minute tops!

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To end the night; Belmont went on stage and within seconds Taz (Vocals) had everyone in the crowd engrossed and bouncing in the air. The amount of adrenaline rushing through Taz's veins at the time must've been at max capacity because the amount of erratic movements he was performing on stage even made me tired from just watching him. Witnessing Taz' unmatchable enthusiasm on stage had me re-thinking my whole lifestyle; Taz is surely relishing every moment with audiences and fully appreciating where the music has taken him. If the vocalist is not doing splits in the air, are they even a good vocalist?

Belmont consists of Taz Johnson (Vocals), Brian Lada (Drums), Jason Inguagiato (Guitar), and Joseph Mabry (Guitar for tour).

Belmont currently has 310,000 Spotify listeners with "Overstepping" being the most popular song with11 million plays! They just released a new single on October 5th called "SSX Trickmont" with over 170,000 plays in 1 month!

Their album "Aftermath" released in 2022 to phenomenal critic reviews!

"Lyrically, the album is very reflective and almost brings you into another world. With feelings of nostalgia, self-deprecation, and internal conflict, Aftermath is definitely an album everyone should check out" - Unclear Magazine

"The songs on AFTERMATH aren’t jokes – at times they’re deathly serious – but they’re all underwritten with a spirit of excitement that ultimately makes the album as much of a blast to listen to as it was for the trio to create it" -The Pop-Punk Dad

As I was in the crowd, I was standing next to a mother and her two sons, maybe ranging from 5-8 years old, and I asked her "Do both your sons like this band?" The mother responded wholeheartedly, "They LOVE them." I turned to look at the two boys, standing right at the front of the stage with their huge ear protectors on, just bouncing around with utter elation. It's not often I see children at a punk rock show, but it is such a sight to see and everyone in the crowd takes it upon themselves to protect the next generation of listeners. Belmont fans went above and beyond to ensure these kids had the best possible experience from dancing and singing along with them to shielding them from rowdy fans in the crowd. Ultimately, it comes to no surprise Belmont's music has already started being passed down through generations, their sound revives the punk rock scene and brings people together in an overall safe and inclusive space.

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