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Beartooth and Hardy Collaborate on "The Better Me"

Updated: Mar 7

Rock fans, get ready to experience the latest album from Beartooth, "The Surface," dropping on October 13th! This highly-anticipated fifth release promises to deliver another hit album through Red Bull Records. The talented quintet comprising Caleb Shomo on vocals, Zach Huston and Will Deely on guitars, Oshie Bichar on bass, and Connor Denis on drums has firmly established itself with a gold-selling status and over a billion streams.

Lead vocalist Caleb Shomo has poured his heart and soul into this intensely personal and powerful journey that showcases his exceptional growth. While he has never shied away from sharing his demons with his fans, this album takes a more optimistic outlook. Fans of rock music are sure to find something to love.

Fans of both Beartooth and HARDY will be excited to hear about their epic collaboration in the latest single, "The Better Me." This track showcases their signature rock sound and powerful lyrics. HARDY recently spoke about seeking advice from Shomo on perfecting his sing/scream vocal style during a chat with Billboard.

"There are times where we feel like there is a way better version of ourselves somewhere deep inside that we need to find and bring back to the forefront of our lives," Shomo shared. "This song is about going through the things that brought me to that conclusion. Simply put, I made a choice to be a better me."

Beartooth's "Might Love Myself" has recently climbed up two spots in the charts to claim the coveted #15 position on Active Rock radio charts in the United States. This is an impressive milestone for the band, representing the quickest ascent they have ever achieved in their career. Fans of both artists are undoubtedly thrilled to see their hard work and dedication paying off in such a significant way.

In addition, the cumulative number of streams for the four tracks "Riptide," "Sunshine!," "Might Love Myself," and "Doubt Me" has reached an exceptional 54 million streams to date. This impressive feat is a testament to the enduring popularity and widespread appeal of these songs among listeners worldwide. Get ready to be swept away by Beartooth's signature sound and unparalleled musical prowess!


"The Surface"

"The Better Me" (Feat. HARDY)

"What’s Killing You"

"Look The Other Way"

"What Are You Waiting For"

"My New Reality"

"I Was Alive"

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