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Back on Sunset: The Exies’ Homecoming Show

The Exies

Scott Stevens of The Exies

In the heart of Los Angeles, where the neon lights blend with the storied history of rock ‘n’ roll, a familiar tune is set to echo once again. The Exies, a band that carved their name into the annals of music with their raw and evocative sound, have announced a comeback that’s sending ripples through the City of Angels.

The streets of LA buzz with anticipation as The Exies unveil their latest single, ‘For What It’s Worth’, a track that encapsulates the soul-searching journey of frontman Scott Stevens. “Writing ‘For What It’s Worth’ was a cathartic process for me,” Stevens confides. “It was a turning point in my mental stance on my life, where I was questioning if the life I have built for myself and my loved ones was ‘enough’…ultimately, the process brought me to the realization that it has to be…because I’ve lived and loved the best that I could up till this point in my life.”

This single marks more than just a new entry in their discography; it heralds a reunion show that promises to be a homecoming of epic proportions. The legendary Viper Room, a venue woven into the very fabric of The Exies’ identity, will play host to this momentous event on May 29, with the iconic Matt Pinfield setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

The Exies’ story is one of triumph and reinvention. From their inception in 1997, they’ve released two influential LPs, ‘Inertia’ and ‘Head For The Door’, with Virgin Records, achieving combined sales of over half a million and charting singles that became the anthems of a generation. Their music resonated beyond the airwaves, finding a place in the hearts of gamers and concert-goers alike, as they toured with rock titans like Motley Crüe and Velvet Revolver.

Even after their hiatus, Stevens continued to shape the soundscape with co-written songs that have amassed over 2 billion streams and sold over 40 million albums. Now, The Exies stand on the cusp of a new era, ready to blend the nostalgia of their storied past with the fresh energy of their current creative evolution.

The Exies

“For the Viper Room, it’s family; it’s where we got signed. Everything that made a difference for us happened there, so it’s fitting that this is where the reunion show would be held,” Stevens reflects, his voice tinged with the sentiment of returning to where it all began.

As ‘For What It’s Worth’ plays out across the airwaves and the lyric video captures the imaginations of fans old and new, the call to join The Exies on the next leg of their extraordinary journey is irresistible. Tickets for the Viper Room reunion show are available now, inviting you to be part of a night where history is not only remembered but reborn.


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