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Autumn Estate Releases New Heavy Banger ‘King Lear’ Out NOW!

Photo by Natalia Roldan

On October 27th 2023, Autumn Estate releases new single "King Lear" Mixed by Brandon Morris & George Lever and Mastered by George Lever. This new catchy banger can be heard from all music streaming platforms.

Autumn Estate is a New York City band formed by Trystan Cruise (vocals) back in early 2017.

This band all came from Cruise only being a photographer who was mostly involved in photographing the music industry. That line of work brought exposure to the local music scene. Autumn Estate is comprised of members Trystan Cruise on vocals, Mark Btesh on guitars, Aliyah Gonzalez on bass and lastly Daniel Diaz on drums. Crazy to think how people achieving the same passion in both the arts of music and photography can all form a band together to create something huge for each other.

“The song's about asking questions about the world you're living in and nature having a tendency to get in the way of you finding the answers. It's about having the power to overthrow your oppressor but then getting broken back down easily by something else. Achieving world peace and then a meteor destroys the planet. Escaping imprisonment and then getting hit by a bus. The unpredictability of the world seems to combat our highly ambitious and curious nature. Curiosity killed the cat... And while we all are trying to figure out the truth about the world, we are also plagued with asking ourselves: "how far are we willing to go for the truth?" To gain the knowledge and power we desire... We are only here for a short time. Who knows what we can accomplish in that time and who knows what kind of world we are going to leave behind when we're gone? King Lear is the name of King in a story by William Shakespeare who was close to death and had to decide how his kingdom was to be divided among his children. I felt the name evoked the quarrel of a person who had all the power and then lost it all to his usurpers in a world that would go on without him. Could've named the song "Darth Plagueis" for that matter... I don't know it's all still pretty ambiguous. Leaves lots of room for the listener to draw their own meanings.”

-Trystan Cruise (vocals)

“To be completely honest, the instruments came first and I basically just had to find a topic to write about to attach to it. Our guitarist Mark came up with the spooky lead guitars a long time ago and was dying to make a song out of it. One day I wrote a chord progression and a simple riff to go with it and we had a song. We were more focused on the sound of the song rather than "really wanting to write this song". This song was meant to push the boundaries of our style piggybacking off our last big rock song "Nocturnal". There was no real inspiration. It was purely creative and all about the sound. The inspiration for the concept was an after thought."

- Trystan Cruise (vocals)

About Autumn Estate

Autumn Estate is comprised of members Trystan Cruise on vocals, Mark Btesh on guitars, Aliyah Gonzalez on bass and lastly Daniel Diaz on drums. The band ended up putting together a lineup that created all original material and did all their photography and music videos in-house. They have released their first EP after recruiting their current guitarist Mark and went on to write a bunch more songs together, some of which they are still continuously working on to this day. In this local music scene, the became known for their DIY productions. Every music video and advertisement you see about our band is made by them. Autumn Estate went on to sell out their local 400 cap venue at their performance at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory, went on tour, and even opened up for some of our favorite bands like the Plot in you, Being as an Ocean, and Palisades. They hope to get around to releasing everything we're currently sitting on and maybe even release a debut album at some point.

Keep Up With Autumn Estate Online: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify | Apple Music

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