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August Burns Red Brings the Christmas Spirit to Lancaster on the Christmas Burns Red Tour: Night One

Photography & Review by Anthony Petrizzo

Crystal lake was formed in Tokyo during the year 2002. The band consists of vocalist John

Robert Centorrino, guitarists Yudai Miyamoto and Hisatsugu Taji, bassist Mitsuru and drummer Gaku Taura. Crystal lake released there first demo called "Freewill" just in time for their first show in Korea in which they were invited by record label GMC Records. Soon after they released their second demo "One Word Changes Everything" which came out in July of 2003. The band would go on to release multiple albums throughout the years such as "Dimension", "Taste Of Chaos" and "Into The Great Beyond".

Crystal lake stormed the stage with pure aggression and energy with constant headbanging and sprinting around the stage. Guitarists Yudai Miyamoto and Histatsugu Taji showed off their shredding skills while Drummer Gaku Taura blasted away on the kicks. Vocalist John Rob unleashed his roaring vocals to the crowd with a massive range with deep lows to highs and very aggressive mids. Keep an eye out for Crystal lake in 2024 they are truly a forced to be reckoned with.

Keep up with Crystal Lake: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify

Hailing out of California, Spite is a Deathcore band known for their punishing low tuned guitar

work and fast heavy hitting drums. The band currently consists of Darius Tehrani (Vocals), Ben Tehrani (Guitar) and Ben Bamford (Bass). The band currently has a fill in drummer following the departure of Josh Miller and Lucas Garrgiues in July. Vocalist Darius Tehrani is known for his demonic low vocals mixed with his rapid fire lyric delivery. Spite first gained attention with the release of " Kill Or Be Killed" off their debut album "Nothing Is Beautiful". In 2019 they released their sophomore album "The Root Of All Evil". In 2019 they would join Chelsea grin on tour promoting "The Root Of All Evil" delivering punishing performances all over the US. They would go onto release "Dedication To Flesh" in 2022 continuing to deliver their heavy fast punishing sound.

Spite stormed the stage with a bone crushing intro, Vocalist Darius Tehrani walked onto the stage menacing jumping straight into "Made To Please" off their third studio album "Dedication To Flesh". The energy they is unmatched. The constant headbanging while Darius Tehrani delivers his crushing vocals. Guitarist Alex Tehrani’s guitar tone is heavy enough to cause an earthquake. They would go on to play classics like "Kill Or Be Killed", "Caved In" , "Snap" nd "The Root Of All Evil". Spite is a band you should keep a eye out for when they go on tour in 2024.

Keep up with Spite: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify

Brand Of Sacrifice is a Deathcore band based out of Toronto, Canada. The band consists of

Vocalist Kyle Anderson, Guitarists Liam Beeson and Michael Leo Valeri, Bassist Dallas Bricker and finally Drummer James Knoerl. They would go onto release their first EP titled "The Interstice" in 2018. They are known for their heavy deathcore sound. Vocalist Kyle Anderson has a very low vocal range while Drummer James Knoerl has a very fast double pedal and hard hitting hands. Brand of Sacrifice would release their first full length album in 2019 titled "God Hand" and "Lifeblood" in 2021.

Brand of Sacrifice ran onto the stage to the classic Pokemon theme song channeling everyones inner childhood. Their first song "Demon King" kicked off with a barrage of very quick double pedal kicks, while Anderson lays his low vocals over the punishing guitar work from Beeson and Valeri. They would go on to play a bunch of songs off their two releases including an unreleased song coming out mid December.

Keep up with Brand of Sacrifice: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify

Texas In July is a Metalcore band based out of Ephrata, Pennsylvania. The band consists of

Vocalist J.T. Cavey, Guitartists Chris Davis and Christian Royer, bassist Ben Witkowski and the legend himself Drummer Adam Gray. The band would form in 2007 in Pennsylvania. A six song EP was recorded and released the same year the band formed which was sold at all their local shows. That EP would get the attention of Record label CI Records a local record label. Little did they know 2009 would be the year that put them on the map. They would go onto release the EP "Salt Of The Earth" which contained the now classic "Hook,Line and Sinner". Later that year they would go onto release the album "I Am". They would go on tour with bands such as August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada and Maylene And The Sons Of Diaster.

Texas in july would go onto release a few more albums titled "One Reality", self titled and

"Bloodwork" before breaking up in 2015. Texas in july would come back to reunite in 2021 and release a new EP named "Without Reason". The Pennsylvania metalcore band is known for their old school metalcore sound. Texas In July started off their set with the song "False Divinity" and would go onto play songs such as "Cry Wolf", "Bed Of Nails", "It’s Not My First Rodeo" and "Elements" which featured their original vocalist Alex Good who left the band in 2013. They would end off their setlist with the classic that put them on the map "Hook, Line and Sinner".

Keep up with Texas In July: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify

Lastly to take the stage was August Burns Red. Formed in 2003 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with members Jake Luhrs on vocals, Guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler, Bassist Dustin Davidson and rousing out the line up Drummer Matt Greiner. August Burns Red would release their debut album "Thrill Seeker" in 2005 putting them on the map to become the metalcore legends they are now. 2007 would be the year they truly breakout. They would release the album "Messengers" which featured modern day classics such as "Truth Of A Liar", "Composure" and "Backburner". The band released their 10th studio album "Death Below" on March 24th of this year. This album would be their first under Sharptone Records.

Fast forward until 2013 August Burns Red would release "Rescue And Restore" another modern day metalcore classic. It featured songs such as "Spirit Breaker", "Provision", "Animals" and "Count It All As Lost". 10 years later on December 8th, 2023 August Burns Red performed "Rescue And Restore" from front to back with some older classics tossed into the set such as "Bloodletter","Composure" and "White Washed". They would also cover "Carol Of The Bells" to fit the Christmas spirit. This would be the last night they would be performing the album front to back as they finish up a full North American tour that started on November 10th. Night one of Christmas Burns Red was jam packed with deep cuts that got the whole crowd moving. The pit was energetic from beginning to end along with crowd surfers that poured over the barricade all night. This was only foreshadowing for what would be an even crazier night two.

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