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Attila Unleash Cathartic New Single "FU4EVR"

Attila, the Atlanta based post-hardcore band known for their in-your-face attitude and controversial lyrics is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of conventional norms to make their mark in the music industry. Their new single, "FU4EVR" is a prime example of their unapologetic approach to music and their ability to stir up conversation within the music industry. The song is a raw and visceral expression of the bands attitude, encapsulating their unapologetic approach to the craft.

"FU4EVR is about standing up for yourself and not being afraid to cut ties with people who are bringing you down. Some people are like parasites and they will do anything in their power to try to remain in your life. At the end of the day you have to do what's best for your own mental health and not be afraid to say "fuck you forever" and cut out the dead weight."


Based in Atlanta, Attila is composed of lead vocalist Chris Fronzak, guitarist Chris Link, and bassist Karen Adams. The band has released 8 studio albums and are best known for their high energy shows and not-giving-a-fuck attitude.

The new drop is part of an EP that features "Mia Goth" and "Bite Your tongue", both of which were released in April and shocked Attila Fans around the world. Since then, the songs have reached nearly 4 million streams on Spotify.

Atilla are currently on tour. They are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album, 'About That Life' by performing the album in full. The band are joined by Gideon, Ten56 and Until I Wake. Tickets for the remaining dates are available on the band's website.

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