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Attila Take Over the Asylum in Cleveland!

On September 22, Attila brought never ending energy on their 10 year Anniversary US Tour "About That Life" with two local special guests The Static Wake and Softspoken and direct support from Until I Wake at the Asylum in Cleveland Ohio!

The band that opened the night and had the crowd moshing within the first few songs was The Static Wake. The amount of people in the crowd for the opening band was outrageous and vocalist Radames Colon made sure to keep engaging with the crowd throughout the set, encouraging everyone to stay moving.

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The next band of the night was Softspoken from Cincinnati Ohio! "This band was founded on the idea of being proud of who you are, and not letting someone else determine your own self-worth" Samuel Scheuer (Vocals), Chris Wethington (Guitarist), Dylan Carter (Bassist), and Kevin Potts (Drummer) are the members currently in Softspoken with Chris Wethington being the founder back in 2016

Softspoken performed their newest single "Alone" during their set which brought on so much emotion from the crowd due to the songs meaningful chorus and the way Samuel brought the lyrics to life. Samuel explained in a recent video, the inspiration for "Alone" derives from realizing that you don't have to go into the world alone and pushing away people will only lead you to being isolated in the end. The song discusses the importance of having support from friends, family, and other outside relationships with the main theme being loneliness is not worth the effortlessness of only relying on yourself.

I even had the opportunity to ask Samuel if he had anything to say about the show and he stated " I had an absolute blast and could not be more appreciative of the crowd reception to our music. It was a pleasure getting to perform for the Cleveland rockers!"

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Catch Softspoken on tour with "If Not For Me" in November! And they will also be performing with "Enmy" in November as well!

Next up is Buffalo NY based metalcore band "Until I Wake" which consists of Cody Jamison (Vocals), August Geitner (Guitarist), Ryan Ridley (Bassist), and Alex Curtin (Drummer)

Until I Wake has been on fire with over 5 million streams on Spotify as well as performing with bands such as Jinjer, Monuments, Woe, Is Me, and Gideon. They also performed at SoWhat Festival, Capulet Fest, and Upheaval Festival. The band recently had their first headlining tour "A Tour Inside My Head" earlier this year with Dark Divine and Catch Your Breath.

Until I Wake performed their newest single "Cold" which hit home for me personally but also pulled at the heart strings of the crowd. The meaningful lyrics speak of knowing the relationship you're in is too broken to fix. Despite the distance growing in the relationship, the love you have for the other will remain with you forever even if you allowed your own trauma and emotional battles to neglect the one you love.

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Now, it was finally time for the band everyone had been waiting for! Headlining the "About That Life" tour, five-piece metalcore band Attila from Atlanta GA celebrated the 10 year Anniversary of their most successful album with Cleveland!

Before Attila even made their appearance on stage, the crowd had already begun chanting "About that life!" in impatient anticipation. The second the musicians stepped on stage the crowd reeked havoc, crowd surfing and moshing so hard, they even knocked down the barricade with their excitement! Fronz advised fans early on in the set to "Do whatever you want! Mosh! Crowd surf! Break shit! or throw your bra and panties on stage, I DONT CARE!" and the crowd took his request in the most literal sense imaginable.

Attila formed back in 2005, however, did not release music until about 2007. The band has released an extensive discography of successful albums such as "Rage", "Outlawed", and "Guilty Pleasure" throughout the years. Fronz has always been the most energetic musician incorporating hip-hop with the metalcore scene and never looking back nor caring about what people think of him and the music that he puts out.

"Get up, let the music consume your soul And say

Fuck it, when you're fucking here nothing fucking matters

Give no fucks, that's the motto

We are only here to take over this whole planet" - Middle Fingers Up

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