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Updated: May 1

On the heels of their viral hit, "Wassup Gway," which swept socials and topped Billboard's TikTok Chart, rising Atlanta-based hip hip duo Famous Sally & YB release their debut project, The Truth. The six track EP includes their most recent party-staring single "What You Name Is" alongside "Wassup Gway." Get the EP below via Epic Records/Against Da Grain.

Fans know Famous Sally & YB for their bouncy and vivacious approach to their hit songs, evidenced by the viral refrain of "Wassup Gway": "Wassup Gway? In the cut, with my twin, we be vibing!" The track's follow up, "What You Name Is," is similarly lighthearted; its music video finds the duo leading a group of friends through an impromptu high school party scene. The Truth, as its title suggests, lifts the veil on the true artistry driving Famous Sally & YB, and treats fans to a wider range of the girls' abilities.

To commemorate the release of the EP, Famous Sally & YB have also unleashed the official music video for the new single "Scrilla." Check out the visualizer below!

The EP's intro, title track "The Truth," immediately introduces a more serious atmosphere. Famous Sally & YB's reputation for buoyant and contagious tracks may precede them, but at the onset of this EP, they seek to establish a more thorough idea of what they offer. The balance struck from this dichotomy is the essence of The Truth: Parties, lyrical exercises and biographical themes are all part of the Famous Sally & YB experience. Succinctly, with just six songs, the duo hammers this message home.

This is especially true on "Scrilla," one of the EP's instant standout tracks, and Famous Sally & YB's latest single/music video. The blue-tinted feature, which could pass for an outtake from Belly, is one of the duo's most complete and versatile works. With tightly (w)rapped choruses and verses, Sally & YB confirm that there's more to them than the summery bops they've gone viral with, and that their chemistry is organic, as they maneuver through the streets and demand more of their peers in the sinister feature.

“As new artists, we vow to come into the industry with our true raw, authentic, innovative, and creative style,” says the duo of their new project. “Naming our EP ‘The Truth’ is as clear as the title. We came in this game our honest selves, we embrace our flaws, and we will remain true to the game throughout our journey, so we want to walk our fans on who we are truthfully through our music.”

The very first time Famous Sally & YB hit the studio, they came out the other side with "Wassup Gway," one of 2023's biggest songs. The sound has already racked up nearly 2.5 million uses on TikTok, while Sally and Yb's original video is over one million likes in its own right. The track, buoyed by bouncy 808s and mesmerizing synths, boasts an infectious singsong chorus that will be booming from car speakers for years to come. It's one thing to make a local hit - and another that encourages Drake to participate in a viral trend. It's yet another thing altogether to create a song so big it takes over popular culture, with stars like Kerry Washington participating in the trend. Though Sally and YB aren't related, they sound like twins on record, building off each other's bars like veterans - not rookies in the game with the hottest song in rap. The duo met in middle school, hanging out in their hometown of Atlanta and generally trying to avoid trouble. Now 27 (Sally), and 25 (YB), and each with kids of their own, their bond before their worlds changed has kept them tight-knit. The most magical part of Famous Sallyy and YB's run has been their ability to show their kids a life they never imaged for themselves - let alone for their children. For Famous Sally & YB, fame is secondary to a new opportunity to for their families.

"My kids are getting to experience the good life," Sally says, "Like, I'm not even supposed to have the good life. Look at us now!



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