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Asking Alexandria Strikes Manhattan With Psycho Thunder

The crowd split down the middle, opening the mosh pits from one side of Terminal 5 to the other all in anticipation of the return of Asking Alexandria. The heavy metal ensemble is currently composed of lead guitarist Ben Bruce, drummer James Cassells, rhythm guitarist Cameron Liddell, bassist Sam Bettley, and vocalist Danny Worsnop, who promise fans boisterous performances across North America. Asking Alexandria alongside The HU crossed through Manhattan last week for an unbelievable show full of screams and mosh pits!

Emerging in 2006 as a six-piece ensemble, Asking Alexandria is an English rock band formed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2009, the band adopted the lineup of Ben Bruce, Danny Worsnop, Cassells Liddell, and Sam Bettely before releasing their debut album Stand Up And Scream. The album received recognition in America, peaking at number 4 in The Top Heatseekers, 24 in the Top Hard Rock Albums, and 29 in the Top Independent Albums. The band released two more studio albums, Reckless & Relentless and From Death To Destiny, before the departure of Danny Worsnop. Worsnop was momentarily replaced for the release of The Black, though soon after returned to release the band's self-titled fifth album. As of 2023, Asking Alexandria has won numerous awards with eight studio albums including their most recent release Where Do We Go From Here? which hit all streaming platforms just this past August.

Asking Alexandria are finally back on stage and New York City was ready to welcome them back with open pits. The members of Asking Alexandria aren’t new to playing in front of live audiences with a lineup consisting of mostly original members. The musicians effortlessly shred on their instruments, head banging and jumping around on stage at the same time, invigorating the crowd song after song with their energy. Each member is phenomenal on their individual instruments, meshing together into a seamless post-hardcore sound listeners have adored for over a decade. What really makes Asking Alexandria a standout band in the hard rock scene is their singer Danny Worsnop, who fans quickly fell in love with the somewhat midwestern-screamo tonality of his vocals following their first release in 2009. Danny Worsnop live is just as polished and effortless as his recorded tracks, his voice echoes through a venue and sticks in the head of listeners, being overall truly unforgettable. Everyone in Terminal 5 was screaming along with Worsnop whose voice never once gave out despite all the years of him straining it with their hardcore style. All in all, the production of Worsnop’s signature sound in combination with the complexity of the instrumentals has remained consistently exceptional with Asking Alexandria throughout all these years and we are elated to welcome them back to stages across North America!

Asking Alexandria has returned to the road with the co-headling Pyscho Thunder Tour alongside The HU. The tour series is practically over but a handful of shows have yet to be performed, so if you still can, snatch tickets to the rest of the dates and keep up with Asking Alexandria for future updates below!


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