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Artist Spotlight with Cavetown at The Grammy Museum Live at L.A.

Photography & review by Kenai

Cavetown, otherwise known as Robin Skinner or 'Robbie', started his journey at only 14 on Youtube and Bandcamp where he quickly grew his audience with a mix of covers and original music he wrote and self-recorded in his bedroom. He is now 24, about to be 25, with nearly 8 million monthly Spotify listeners and over 2 million YouTube subscribers. His breakthrough album, Lemon Boy, found a wide audience on the internet and grew his fanbase which catapulted his career. He then released his debut album, Sleepyhead, followed by his most recognized and acclaimed EP to date, Man’s Best Friend, which earned global praise from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, CLASH Magazine, and many more. He most recently caught the attention of The Grammy Museum and was featured at their Artist Spotlight event in Los Angeles on December 5th, 2023.

At the event, Robin was interviewed by Erin Osmon and was acknowledged by The Grammy Museum for his musical talent and skills.

During the interview, he discussed his personal experiences in music production, as well as the creative process behind his most recent album, 'Worm Food'.

The interview was followed by Robbie giving everyone an intimate acoustic performance that brought joy and created a warm atmosphere for the audience to sing along with.

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