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Armored Saint Renews Long-Standing Partnership with Metal Blade Records

Armored Saint, the legendary heavy metal outfit, has reaffirmed its longstanding relationship with Metal Blade Records through a worldwide multi-album deal. The band's history with Metal Blade dates back to its eponymous debut EP in 1983, with the partnership soldifying further with the release of the Saints Will Conquer live album in 1988. Now, with a new contract in place, Armored Saint is poised to continue its musical journey under the Metal Blade banner.

The band members expressed their excitement and gratitude for the renewed partnership. Vocalist John Bush emphasized his love for Metal Blade, highlighting the label's familial atmosphere and the unwavering support of Chairman/CEO Brian Slagel, President Tracy Vera, and the entire staff. Drummer Gonzo Sandoval echoed Bush's sentiments, expressing his appreciation for the opportunity to release new music with Metal Blade in 2025. Guitarist Phil Sandoval and bassist Joey Vera also conveyed their gratitude to Metal Blade for its support throughout the band's career, particularly during challenging times.

Guitarist Jeff Duncan expressed his enthusiasm for signing a new deal with Metal Blade, citing the label's longstanding support and the prospect of a productive collaboration. Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel reciprocated the band's sentiments, expressing his honor and humility in continuing the label's relationship with Armored Saint, a band he considers one of the best in metal history.

The announcement comes amidst Armored Saint's ongoing tour support Queensrÿche, featuring a series of headlining shows leading up to a special hometown performance in Los Angeles. The tour, which commenced in March, has seen the band captivating audiences with their electrifying performances.

queensryche and armored saint tour

Armored Saint's lineup includes John Bush on vocals, Jeff Duncan and Phil Sandoval on guitars, Joey Vera on bass, and Gonzo Sandoval on drums. With their signature blend of powerful vocals, intricate guitar work, and driving rhythms, Armored Saint continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

For those eager to catch Armored Saint live, tickets for remaining tour dates are available now, with VIP upgrades being offered in select cities. Fans can also look forward to new music from Armored Saint in 2025, as the band embarks on the next chapter of their musical journey with Metal Blade Records.

Armored Saint's enduring partnership with Metal Blade Records is a testament to the label's commitment to supporting and championing groundbreaking metal music. As both entities continue to evolve and thrive, fans can expect more exciting collaborations and milestones in the years to come.

For more information on Armored Saint and Metal Blade Records, including tour dates and music releases, visit their official websites and social media channels below!




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