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Armor For Sleep Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary of "Dream to Make Believe" at The Music Farm!

On November 6th, 2023, Armor For Sleep performed at the Music Farm in South Carolina on their "Dream to Make Believe" 20th Anniversary Tour with special guests; The Spill Canvas and The Early November

Opening up the 20th Anniversary Tour at the Music Farm was The Spill Canvas that formed in Sioux South Dakota in 2002 consisting of Nick Thomas (Vocals) , Bryce Job (Drums) , Landon Heil (Bass) , and Evan Pharmakis (Guitar). Evan sadly could not be on this tour due to celebrating the birth of his new baby! Congratulations Evan! We hope fatherhood is treating you absolutely amazing!

The album "No Really, I'm Fine" released on October 1st of 2007 has one of the most popular tracks from the band with over 20 million plays on Spotify: "All Over You" . I started listening to this band when this album was first released and I related to this song immediately. The lyrics unravel the emotional strain of loving someone who doesn't reciprocate the same emotions towards you. The song is a fan favorite and one many listeners have related to since the song first dropped on streaming platforms over a decade ago.

During the set, Nick stated "I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar and everyone thinks so negative about mental struggles, but just know you are not alone. I know not everyone has the best support system, but someone out there does care. Mental health is so important and it needs to be taken very serious"

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Next up was The Early November and Arthur Enders (Vocals) repeatedly honored the crowd stating that throughout last 20 years, this scene has been the reason why they are still active in the industry. That the scene has been loyal for over two decades and the energy has not changed in the slightest. Enders also took the time to recognize those who message him daily to relay the impact his music has had on the scene as a whole. The Early November's music has connected with fans all over the world. Listeners resort to their tracks when they feel low and need a sudden pick me up and further feel represented through their emotionally-driven lyrics. Enders confessed his appreciation to the audience, "This is why we still do this. For you guys. For those who feel like they won't amount to anything. We are examples of people who never gave up and kept fighting"

The Early November is currently performing their album "The Room's Too Cold" in full length to celebrate their 20th anniversary as well!

Suddenly, Enders stopped the set for a teenager to come out on stage with another guitar. This is when Enders stated "Hey everyone, I want you to meet my son! He is14 years old and this is the life he has only known." Imagine being 14 years old and going on tour with your father around the world? I can only imagine the lifelong memories being made between the two of them. Being able to explore North America alongside your father must be so rewarding and inspiring!

The Early November recently released a new single on October 26th, 2023 called "About me"

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Celebrating their 20th Anniversary for the album "Dream to Make Believe", Armor For Sleep finally stepped on stage and the crowd went absolutely crazy. As I was standing just beyond the barricade, I glanced behind me to see I was skewing the view of a little girl no more than 10 years old; She could not contain her excitement. I locked eyes with her parents and they shrugged their shoulders, then matched her energy. I always love seeing the next generation of this scene at concerts and it is always so heartwarming to see parents there at barricade with their kids, relishing the moment with them. "Dream to Make Believe" was released on January 1st, 2003 consisting of11 songs. The title track, "Dream to Make Believe," currently sits with over 4 million plays on Spotify, being the most popular song off the album.

Armor For Sleep consists of Ben Jorgensen (Vocals, Guitar) , PJ DeCicco (Guitar) , Nash Breen (Drums) , and Cameron Knopp.

Jorgensen stated in an interview how he came up with the bands name in 2001, "I guess when I started the band I was kind of, like, retreating in my room and I kind of couldn't really fall asleep, so I started playing music. I just thought of the name Armor for Sleep, because it was really, the music was keeping me from passing out! Which was something I was procrastinating on."

In February of 2024, Armor For Sleep will be performing on Emo's Not Dead Cruise which is being headlined by Yellowcard!

Throughout the years, Armor For Sleep disbanded and had several reunions to either perform at Festivals, on tour, or release a new album! In 2022, Armor For Sleep released "The Rain Museum" on September 9th

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