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Arden Jones Steals the Hearts of Manhattan's Mercury Lounge

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

By Sabrina Amoriello

Are you looking for new music to jump around on your bed to, kick your feet along with, throw your hands in the air to? Look no further than rising California star Arden Jones who has been supplying the music scene with all the feel-good music you need to get your days started on a high-note and end your evenings with bliss. The 21-year-old alternative artist has quickly risen to fame off of his melodic beats and catchy lyrics that can make just about anyone sing and dance along to the simple yet whimsical progressions. Arden Jones’ music has taken social media by storm with trending songs on both TikTok and Instagram. His prosperity through social media has helped grow his fanbase tremendously over the last few months and people are rapidly falling in love with Arden Jones’ whole persona.

Coming from a family of musicians and performers himself, Arden Jones has spent the majority of his life practicing music which can be heard in his top-notch, pristine production, mastered entirely himself. In his biography, Arden Jones brushes over his musically fulfilled childhood, confessing to his ability to play a wide variety of instruments including the stand-up bass and mandolin. Considering such, I would’ve loved to see Arden incorporate either of these unconventional instruments into his live performance, or at least into his releases, as this could really make him a standout artist in the industry. Arden Jones has a fantastic, one-of-a-kind voice, but I would’ve loved to see more of his musicianship shine through in New York City. Regardless, Arden Jones put on an engaging, entertaining performance for New York City’s Mercury Lounge just last week. Fans new and old filled the venue to welcome Arden Jones to the east coast and he kept the crowd alive even through his slower productions. In light of Arden Jones being a one man act who is capable of doing everything alone on stage, I appreciated his effort in making the music fill the room by bringing along a band which even included a saxophonist. Arden Jones is definitely one to keep an eye on and with all of his knowledge in music, I predict his future releases will continue to evolve in complexity and popularity, especially since he is starting out in the scene so young. Although his current tour has come to an end, Arden Jones will definitely be returning to stages soon so keep up with the artist below and in the meantime, blast one of our favorites from the rising artist, Daisy.

Arden Jones


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