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Alpha Wolf Ignites Gramercy Theatre with Explosive Performance

Alpha Wolf's performance at the Gramercy Theater on May 10 was an explosive showcase of the band's raw talent and high-octane energy. The Australian metalcore band, currently riding high on the success of their latest album, Half Living Things, delivered a night to remember for their New York City fans.


Alpha Wolf is a 2013 metalcore band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Known for their intense, aggressive sound and emotional depth, they have quickly risen to prominence within the metalcore scene, selling out one of the hardest markets in the music industry on their first U.S. headlining tour of 2024; New York City. The band's music is characterized by heavy riffs, ferocious breakdowns, and a blend of guttural and melodic vocals, creating a dynamic and powerful auditory experience.

The band currently consists of five core members, with two founding members still remaining. Lochie Keogh, the lead vocalist, joined Alpha Wolf in 2018, bringing a raw intensity and unique vocal style that has become a hallmark of the band's sound. His powerful screams and emotive delivery have earned him acclaim within the metalcore community. As one of the founding members, Sabian Lunch's guitar work is central to Alpha Wolf's sound. His ability to craft intricate riffs and brutal breakdowns provides the backbone for the band's music. John Arnold's basslines add depth and heaviness to the band's sound. His playing is both precise and impactful, driving the rhythm section alongside the drums. Mitch Fogarty's drumming is relentless and precise. Known for his technical skill and stamina, he keeps the bands high-energy performances tightly knit and forceful. As another founding member, Scott Simpson contributes to the band's intricate guitar work and songwriting, adding layers of complexity and aggression to their music.

Alpha Wolf's debut album, Mono, introduced their hard-hitting sound to the world. Tracks like "Gold Fate; Gut Ache" and "No. 2" showcased their ability to blend aggression with melody. In 2019, the band released "Fault," an EP that further solidified their reputation, featuring the hit "Sub-Zero," which became a fan favorite instantly with its relentless energy and memorable riffs. In 2020, Alpha Wolf returned with their sophomore album, A Quiet Place to Die. This critically acclaimed album marked a significant step forward for Alpha Wolf. Songs like "Akudama" and "Creep" highlighted their growth and versatility, blending brutal heaviness with emotional depth. And now - the staggering new era for Aussie metalcore behemoths Alpha Wolf has arrived with the release of their third studio album, Half Living Things, officially out now via Greyscale Records and SharpTone Records.

A cornucopia of heaving brutality brewed into sharply-honed moments of melodic brilliance, Half Living Things is a snapshot of everything fans know and love about Alpha Wolf on steroids. Whether unleashing gargantuan party-starters ("Bring Back The Noise"), neck-snapping breakdowns ("Double-Edge Demise"), raw, stomping hooks ("Whenever You're Ready"), or an internet breaking feature ("Sucks 2 Suck Feat. Ice-T"), Alpha Wolf harness and heighten their trademark intensity on album three, creating the self-produced Half Living Things entirely on their own terms. Alpha Wolf knows how far they have come, but it's what lies ahead of them that keeps the band hungry.

Since their formation over ten years ago, Alpha Wolf has garnered a dedicated following and critical acclaim within the metalcore scene. Their ability to evolve while staying true to their core sound has earned them a reputation as one of the genre's most promising acts.

Alpha Wolf's 'Half Living Things North America Tour' was nothing short of a metalcore spectacle. The Australian quintet, showcasing their ferocious energy and heavy-hitting sound, left the audience breathless and wanting more.

Gramercy Theatre, with its intimate setting and excellent acoustics, was the ideal venue for Alpha Wolf's New York City stop. The band has performed in the location twice prior to this tour - once as an opener, then again as direct support, and now, finally, as the headlining act - providing a full-circle moment for the band and a moment of nostalgia for longtime fans who sold-out the show. Fans packed the theater, creating an electric atmosphere even before the band took the stage. The anticipation was palpable, with murmurs of excitement and a few spontaneous chants echoing through the venue.

From the moment Alpha Wolf stepped on stage, they commanded the room. Kicking off with "Bring Back The Noise," the band immediately unleashed a wave of energy and the crowd absorbed it, discharging utter chaos in the mosh pits. Vocalist Lochie Keogh's guttural screams and frenetic stage presence were a sight to behold, captivating the audience from the first growl to the last. As the forefront of the band, Keogh has mastered the art of being a performer and entertainer, his adrenaline rush on stage is engulfed by the audience and creates an environment of pure bliss and headbanging. The band's tight musicianship was on full display, with guitarist Sabian Lynch and bassist John Arnold delivering crushing riffs and breakdowns that shook the floor, while drummer Mitch Fogarty's relentless beats drove the tempo at a breakneck pace.

The setlist was a well-crafted journey through Alpha Wolf's discography, featuring fan favorites like "Sub-Zero" and "60cm of Steel," as well as deeper cuts that showcased the band's versatility and emotional depth. Each song was met with an explosive response from the crowd, with mosh pits extending all the way to the back walls of the venue and fans screaming along to every lyric.

One of the standout moments of the night was the performance of "Bleed 4 You," which admittedly is a little biased being it's my favorite song from their discography. The emotional intensity of the song reverberated through the venue, with the crowd screaming along passionately, it evoked chills all over me as I watched from the back of the venue while the mosh pits never seized. Another highlight of the night was the finale performances which included featured songs that were instead performed with help from the opening bands. It was then the synergy between the band and the audience reached its peak, culminating in an epic breakdown where the lead singer of Chambers stage-dived into the mosh pits, headbanging with everyone in unison.

The band also carved out special moments to express their gratitude to the fans, with Keogh thanking the audience for their unwavering support and then testing their loyalty through a vote on how many times people had seen them at Gramercy Theater. These heartfelt interactions added a personal touch to the night, strengthening the bond between the band and their fans.

Alpha Wolf's performance at Gramercy Theater was a masterclass in modern metalcore. Their ability to blend sheer aggression with emotional depth has created an unforgettable live experience. The band's tight execution and boundless energy kept the audience engaged from start to finish, making it clear why they are one of the rising stars in the metalcore scene. If this past Friday was any indication, Alpha Wolf's ferocious presence on stage is set to leave a lasting impact on metalcore fans around the world.



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