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Allie Colleen Releases First Single of New Year “While We're Still Friends” feat. Lee Brice

Allie Colleen

"While We're Still Friends" is that realization that the relationship you’re in is not going anywhere.  The song creates a space for the characters to call it quits before they start to resent one another— before things get bad before the papers are filed, before the tough decisions have to be made. 

"While We're Still Friends" is a heartfelt song by country artist Allie Colleen that explores the bittersweet emotions of realizing a relationship is coming to an end. The song beautifully captures the vulnerability and rawness of saying goodbye to someone you care about deeply, but know you must part ways with.

From the opening notes of the song, the listener is drawn in by Allie Colleen's emotive vocals and poignant lyrics. The melancholy tone of the music sets the stage for the emotional journey that lies ahead, as Colleen sings about the pain of losing a close connection with someone they once held dear. The heartfelt lyrics paint a vivid picture of the conflicting emotions that come with the realization that a relationship has run its course.

Allie Colleen shared, “For me as a writer, this song was written looking at my marriage and the beautiful season about to end. I hope the listeners find comfort in knowing the absolute bravery required to make the best decisions for themselves and for the best of both partners. I hope this song creates a safe space to feel and reflect.

As a songwriter, sometimes I find it hard to understand when writing about myself or creating a narrative using other characters. This song was a ‘punch in the gut’ reality check for me. What started as a co-writer’s idea turned into years of unspoken anxiety and repressed honesty about the relationship I had found myself in. This song in its own way shattered my world and in another way saved my life.” 

STREAM "While We're Still Friends" HERE!

Allie Colleen

Catch up with Allie Colleen on the road:

2024 Smokeshow Tour Dates

02-22-24 - State Theatre New Jersey- New Brunswick, NJ - SOLO - Lee Brice Acoustic Tour

02-23-24 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA - SOLO - Lee Brice Acoustic Tour

02-24-24 - Xcite Center - Bensalem, PA - Parx Casino - SOLO - Lee Brice Acoustic Tour

02-26-24 - Whiskey Jam - Nashville, TN

02-29-24 - Palace Theatre - Stamford, CT – SOLO - Lee Brice Acoustic Tour

03-01-24 - The Paramount Theatre - Rutland, VT – SOLO - Lee Brice Acoustic Tour

03-02-24 - American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA – SOLO - Lee Brice Acoustic Tour

04-02-24 - Private Event - Smithfield, RI - SOLO

04-05-24 - Old Friends Dog Sanctuary Benefit - Nashville, TN - SOLO

05-25-24 - Mt. Dora Corn Festival - Mt Dora, FL

08-10-24 - Chenango County Fairgrounds - Norwich NY

09-10-24 - Appalachia Sessions - Knoxville, TN - SOLO

More dates coming soon…



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