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Allen Stone Kicks Off North American Summer Headlining Tour to Sold Out Crowd at The Van Buren

Allen Stone

Allen Stone kicked off his North American Summer Headlining tour to a sold out crowd at the Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday, June 7. The event marked the first night of tour and was Stone’s first time headlining the venue.  

The evening began with the mesmerizing sounds of California-based band Proxima Parada, whose soul-stirring performance captivated the crowd from start to finish. Their set, which included the newly released single "Pair of Shoes" alongside viral hit “Musta Been a Ghost" and Spanish-language gem "Esta Nochecita," showcased the band's versatility and left the audience buzzing with excitement.

Allen Stone opened his show with “Miscommunicate” which set the tone for an energetic and soulful evening. Stone transitioned into “Taste of You” by leading the audience through a nostalgic exercise from his childhood which included introducing themselves to the people around them, followed by some two-stepping that had everyone grooving along. He noted that his goal for the evening was for the crowd to leave feeling lighter. 

Throughout the evening, Allen treated the crowd to a mix of fan favorites like "Voodoo," "Is This Love," "Love Where You're At," and "Brown Eyed Lover” as well as new, unreleased songs, including "Discount Dopamine,” a funky tune that had the audience dancing.

One poignant moment came when Allen performed "Father's Song," a touching tribute to his son set to release on June 10. The audience was enthralled, holding their loved ones close as they absorbed the heartfelt lyrics. The transition into "Give You Blue" was met with cheers, showcasing the emotional range of Allen's performance.

As the night progressed, Allen's stage presence shone brightly as he danced, played the guitar and tambourine, and interacted effortlessly with the crowd. The band members on keys also had their time to shine, each delivering their own performances showcasing their talents. Stone returned to the stage during their performances after an outfit change. He joked about questioning his fashion choices for the show given the sweltering heat in Phoenix.

For the encore, Allen returned to the stage solo with "Bed I Made," and invited his band back to end the set with “Consider Me.” As the night drew to a close, the audience was left in awe of Allen Stone's incomparable talent and magnetic stage presence. With his North American Summer Headlining tour set to continue through August and a "A Bit of Everywhere" tour planned for the fall, Allen Stone promises an unforgettable live music experience that fans won't want to miss.


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