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All Time Low brings 'The Sound Of Letting Go' Tour to Rooftop Pier 17, NYC with Special Guests

On September 12th, 2023 All Time Low came through NYC for there tour "The Sound of Letting Go". It featured these following bands Lauran Hibberd, Greyscale and the legendary warped tour era Gymclassheroes. The show was held at the Manhattan venue Rooftop Pier17, the venue over looks the Brooklyn Bridge.

The first act Lauran Hibberd is a pop rock/rock singer based out of Isle of wight, England. The sound of letting go tour is Lauran Hibberd’s first time play any shows around the United states. She has a very bubbly and funny personality on stage. Her super high energy and stage presence really made for a really entertaining live show. Her and the whole band always moved around on stage never leaving a stale moment, which is a very important for a good live show that will keep your attention.

Keep up with Lauran Hibberd online: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

The second act of this tour, Grayscale hailing out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are a rock band who are currently signed to Fearless records. They formed back in 2011 and been active ever since then. On stage they are more along the the chill vibe, but yet very entertaining. They are a little of everything from every release they have put out since 2017. Vocalist/guitarist Colin Walsh put on a very entertaining show as a front man he always somehow pulled you into the performance. This is a band I definitely recommend checking anytime they are out on tour!

Keep up with Greyscale Online: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Before the final act of this tour, the legendary band we all know Gym Class Heroes takes the stage to deliver a high energetic performance in preparation for All Time Low's appearance on stage for the final headlining act.

This legendary band hails from Geneva, New York. GymClassHeroes got big during the Vans warped tour era in the 2000’s. Vocalist Travie McCoy puts on such a good high energy show along side his band members. Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo provides mind-blowing backing vocals to such classics like Stereo Hearts, Cupids Chokehold and the huge hit Billionare. The whole band puts on such a good high energy show you cant keep your eyes off the stage when they are performing. The setlist consisted of classics like Stereo Hearts, Cupid’s Chokehold, Clothes off!!, and even touched on a young legends Juice WRLD. These guys have built up their name to legend status and will remain there until the end of time.

Keep Up With Gymclassheroes Online: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Now finally it is time for the headliner band All Time Low. These guys built up a huge legacy over the years doing countless tours like Vans warped tour, The Bamboozle roadshow and etc. All time low is known for there pop punk music that got them famous back in 2005 with the there debut album The party scene.

All time low came out to there song Lost in stereo. On this tour All Time Low brought out a massive production on stage, it featured a massive wall of screens with drummer Rian Dawson up on a huge riser on stage right. Touring member Dan Swank was up on a riser stage left. Along side the massive video wall they featured a large LED sign of the band logo. Vocalist Alex Gaskarth was full of energy,constantly running around while playing guitar and delivering amazing vocals. Guitarist Jack Barakat was a huge ball of energy. He was continuously jumping around, constantly running around never staying still.

The setlist consisted of classics like Weightless, Sleepwalking, Monsters, The Sound of Letting go and of course the classic Dear Maria, Count me in.

The band as a whole put on amazing show. I highly recommend going to see them anytime they are on tour; you will not be disappointed at all.

Keep up with All Time Low Online: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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