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Alestorm Drops Latest Shanty+Music Video

Looking for a new sea shanty for your trusty crew? Look no further! Alestorm has dropped a new single just for you!

Scottish heavy metal band, Alestorm, has just released a new single, “Uzbekistan”, with a music video accompanying it. This is a song that will definitely be stuck in your head for weeks. It has everything to get you hooked. From the band's classic sea shanty feel to an epic electronic breakdown. It surely didn't disappoint me as a new listener, nor did it disappoint fans. Here's what one fan had to say:

"Uzbekistan is the perfect party song, something you can drink and dance to. The breakdown is amazing! With some hints of EDM, it will surely get you jumping at any show."

The music video is different from others. It was filmed in their recording studio, giving it an almost personal feel. We can see the band jumping around and having a great time together. Overall, both the song and the video are lively and enjoyable with the personalities of the band members shining through.

Watch the video here:

Alestorm is currently on tour! So get your crew together and check the dates below!

Alestorm tour 2024


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