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A Signing and a Single for SHORELINE

Updated: Mar 7

German emo/punk hardcore band SHORELINE has made history by becoming the first-ever mainland European band to join the roster of PURE NOISE RECORDS. The band announced their latest single "Needles," and released an accompanying music video.

SHORELINE has been making waves in the DIY hardcore/punk scene for quite some time, performing 250 shows over the past few years in unconventional venues throughout Europe and the UK. Despite the challenges, the band has remained dedicated to their craft, earning recognition from a wider audience, particularly in Germany. Their unique style has set them apart from their peers, earning them the opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Silverstein, Boston Manor, and Spanish Love Songs. The band's commitment to their music and impressive track record of performances has cemented their status as rising stars in the punk scene.

In a recent interview, SHORELINE's lead vocalist Hansol Seung shared his thoughts on the band's latest single. "We tried really hard to avoid just mimicking already existing music in the genre, especially because it is easy and common as a German band to become just a copy of what is already happening in North America. I do think we managed to create an original piece of music that is influenced by both our experiences in the European music scene and our creative partners such as Chris Teti, who has been important for some of the more recent American hardcore records."

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