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A Power Trip for the ages: The highly anticipated return to Dallas, Texas:

Power Trip's return to Texas was a highly anticipated show from fans who came from all different walks of life. Younger fans, seasoned fans, and some newer fans all gathered at The Factory in Deep Ellum to grieve together, mosh together, and be there for each other despite the tragedy of losing a beloved band member back in 2020. Even though I was personally not affected by Riley's death, I felt a presence of peace washing over the venue every time I looked into the crowd. Whether it was singing Bohemian Rhapsody in perfect unison, or violently shoving each other in the massive mosh pit they had created, I saw family coming together.

There was something special about the way new vocalist, Seth Gilmore, carried the weight of Riley's death with such great stage presence and grace. His electric energy filled the room with a packed set list of classic Power Trip songs:

  1. Soul Sacrifice

  2. Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)

  3. Firing Squad

  4. Hornet's Nest

  5. Nightmare Logic

  6. Crucifixation (Waiting Around to Die)

  7. Divine Apprehension

  8. Suffer No Fool

  9. Drown (Intro)

  10. Heretic's Fork

  11. Crossbreaker

  12. Manifest Decimation

  13. The Hammer of Doubt (Encore)

Going into this assignment, I did not know much about the native Texas band, Power Trip. I knew a few of their well-known songs such as "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)," "Soul Sacrifice," and "Waiting Around to Die." However, what I did not know, or expect, was one of the most astounding, energy-filled, crowd-chaotic shows I have ever been to. If one person crowd surfed, everyone was crowd surfing. If someone threw something, everyone was throwing something. If there was a mosh pit, everyone was in. It was definitely an experience I was ecstatic to be a part of (other than someone throwing a literal trash can in my general direction). Throughout the entirety of the show, the crowd would occasionally start a chant, "Power Trip! Power Trip!" Something so simple, yet so profound, resonated with everyone in the building. With support from Tyrant's Might, Fleshrot, Frozen Soul, and Ceremony, Power Trip was able to give every single fan in the venue a show they would remember for a lifetime.

Power Trip

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