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A Night With Breaking Benjamin In Kalamazoo

Breaking Benjamin; Where do I even begin? From soft harmonies to face-melting screams, when the curtain dropped, I knew I was in for a treat.

Breaking Benjamin

On March 30 of 2024, Breaking Benjamin graced the stage at the Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Right out of the gate, you could instantly hear the raw energy and vigorously aggressive vocals.

Breaking Benjamin

The audience singing every word was ecstatic. They played popular favorites such as “Polyamorous” and a very special version of “Breath” featuring Chris Daughtry, and more favorites including “Red Cold River” a personal favorite of mine!

Breaking Benjamin

Overall the show was a hands down once-in-a-lifetime experience and performance. You can tell each band member gives 1000% to all the songs played and tries to interact with the crowd every chance they get, making every concertgoer feel special and at home. The welcoming atmosphere will always keep you wanting more.

Where To Find Breaking Benjamin?

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