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Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist: Chappell Roan | Kentuckiana Pride 2024

Kentuckiana Pride 2024

Gaining tremendous traction on TikTok, Chappell Roan seemingly blew up out of nowhere, despite releasing music since 2017. Opening for Olivia Rodrigo in 2022 on the 'Sour' tour, she quickly created a new ‘femininomenon,’ selling out shows and gathering large crowds at festivals such as Kentuciana Pride 2024.

Working my first music festival and having it be a pride festival was very special to me. While being terrified about the lighting conditions and making sure I get the shots I want while in my limited photo pit restrictions, I was able to get some photos I really love. The media at this show was restricted to only Roan's first song, so all of these pictures were taken during the live performance of 'Femininomenon'.

 Chappell Roan

Playing before for Chappell Roan was a band by the name of ‘The Aces.’ The band was added to the lineup last minute because of Icona Pop’s cancelation, which in turn moved Chappell’s set to be headlining.

The show sold-out a few days before the event, and from what I heard from staff, this was the first time the Kentuckiana Pride has ever fully sold out. In the lawn area alone, a crowd of 25,000 people gathered to see Chappell Roan perform. Above the crowd is a walking bridge that connects southern Indiana with Louisville, Kentucky, and people filled the walking bridge as well.


She opened the set with ‘Femininomenon,’ in which was the one song media was allowed to photograph. She walked out in a stunning red dress and makeup, paying tribute to the 1972 film ‘Pink Flamingos.’ The crowd erupted in cheers as the set went on, fans singing every word at the top of their lungs.

It was a truly incredible moment for everyone there. While she was playing to a huge crowd, the show felt very intimate as well. She played her new, yet-to-be released song ‘Subway,’ and had the entire audience dancing to ‘Hot To Go!’ During the TikTok trending song ‘Casual,’ fireworks started bursting in the sky during the first chorus. While they were the result of a nearby baseball game, it truly made the experience more memorable.

 Kentuckiana Pride
chappelle roan

It was a really fun experience and I encourage all of you to see Chappell Roan live if you have a chance. From what I can tell, she isn’t going away anytime soon. Her popularity has risen so much within the past year, that I can just see her continuing to grow as an artist.


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