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3,2,1 Wednesday 13 on Wednesday at the Launchpad

What a convenient night for a Wednesday 13 concert, the band returned to Alburquerque on Wednesday on November 1st, 2023 to close out Halloween for good. The Launchpad was packed to see the headliner Wednesday 13, with special guests Black Satellite, Infected Rain, Gemini Syndrome.

The place was a buzz as the small stage was being set up for the opening act. Everyone dressed in black leather and chain laddered baggy pants; the scene was set for an explosive show.

Black Satellite, a NYC based band, hit the stage, and set the mood with their dark, edgy, and distinctly their own ambiance. Lead singer Larissa Vale, with mohawk cropped white hair and strong vocals, had that perfect NYC edge that the crowd ate up, along with Kyle Hawken's neck breaking guitar riffs. Black Satellite has been on back-to-back tours since 2021 performing with John 5, Fozzy, Nita Strauss, Downing Pool and co headlined with Cradle of Filth and Devil Drivers. Throughout their set, they performed their newest singles Void and Broken, plus, a series of old songs from their beginnings. With albums Endless released in 2017 and Aftermath in 2020, Black Satellite will certainly be putting new something to together this coming year.

You can follow this incredible energy driven band here

Infected Rain,a powerhouse of pure modern metal ensemble, brings unique and energetic style with screaming, powerful guitar riffs and an electronic sound. Lena Scissorhands and DJ Kapa power stroke their style with head tossing energy, Scissorhands is well known for her long dreadlock orange and yellow hair flipping it to the beat and Kapa's long dreads giving off an eerie medusa look when the light behind him shines through. The band comes from Moldova and in 2008 were known to travel Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine. They released their first demo CD in 2008, followed by their 1stfull album in 2009. By 2022 they have released 5 albums. Touring through Europe landed them gigs in the US and many other countries. The 2022 release was called Ecdysis which has launched them into being recognized as a strong heavy modern rock band in the international rock scene. Infected Rainis working on a new album to be released soon.

To follow their journey, you can follow them here.

Gemini Syndrome, came out of the California's alternative metal music scene in 2010, and shortly after that released their first song, “Pleasure and Pain” and then “Left of Me” and “Basement” which comes on the 2013 album, LUX. Lead singer, Aaron Nordstrom white hair, fine trimmed suit, and tie rocks the stage keeping the crowd up and moving. Brian Steele Medina the drummer, a true entertainer kept the crowd rocking by interacting and responding to the reactions of cheers, laughing and fist pumping. Guitarist Miguel "Meegs" Rascón ripping notes off the strings with each driving beat it was fun to watch him perform. They have three albums released since 2013 the latest one was in 2021 titled 3rdDegree- The Raising with their new single at the time, “Abandon” The band has toured with bands like In This Moment, Avatar, Motionless in White, Ovtlier and Pushing Veronica.

You can find more about Gemini Syndrome at the following link.

Wednesday 13, showed their experience and infamous style right from the first song. Wednesday 13, the lead singer jumped on and off the platform and belted out songs, many of them MurderDolls songs that he has been singing for years. He pointed out that he had been on stage for 31 years, the first album he was on was released in a form of cassette and later CD, joking with the crowd that many of them may not know what a CD was and that you could buy them at record stores or even what a cassette was. He told stories of the years on tour with the MurderDolls and how the experience helped him become a better musician. He truly owned the stage as he danced, jumped, and pointed at the crowd, he would get down on their level and seem to draw from the youthful energy. Opening the first set with “Chapel of Blood,” “Death Valley Superstar,” “197666.” As they played on, they performed “Bloodstained Valentines” and “Dawn of the Dead.” Wednesday 13 referenced Jordon Jordison his partner in the success of Murderdolls who later formed Slipknot, in 2010 while reforming the band they brought in Roman Surman who is still Wednesday 13’s lead guitarists for his band. When Murderdolls disbanded in 2011 Wednesday picked up the reins with Surman and went on touring and today they show off the horror based punk rock known today. Check out the link to follow this bands every move as they are nowhere close to finished yet.

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Phil Begay
Phil Begay
Nov 08, 2023

Great work!!!

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